The People’s Guide to Lisbon

The People’s Guide to Lisbon

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Almada Negreiros: Lisbon's Futurist
A Q & A with Street Artist Gonçalo MAR
Camping in Portugal: Sites That Are Worth the Hike
Portugal's Best: Eleven Beaches You Shouldn't Miss

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There’s a lot going on in Lisbon, but we curate what’s up so you know…


What are the top places for art, history, puppets, and more? We’ve done the legwork.…

Parks and Gardens

Lisbon’s top outdoor spaces range from miradouros, to green parks and gardens, and yes, cemeteries.…


We love Lisbon because it’s a small town wrapped up inside a big city. Prices…


Restaurants, cafes, kiosks, and more, Lisbon's got all kinds of kitchens, and we've reviewed them…


With incredible vinho and cheap beer everywhere, you'll need a guide to get your drink…


Put on your dancing sapatos! Party ’til sunrise like a Lisboeta at one of these…


If you judge a course by its par threes, these two courses near Lisbon won’t disappoint…


It may be hilly and bumpy, but bike lanes are popping up in LX and…


Here’s some info on the top three spots to grab a wave and get maps of dozens more surf…

Rock Climbing

There’s tons of climbing around Lisbon, even multi-pitch trad if you…

Essentials for Visitors

Cooking with Claudia, a Better Martha Stewart for Lisbon
Cooking with Claudia, a Better Martha Stewart for Lisbon
Buying Local in Lisboa
Buying Local in Lisboa
Portugal's Best: Eleven Beaches You Shouldn't Miss
Portugal's Best: Eleven Beaches You Shouldn't Miss

Living in Lisboa

Latest Restaurant Reviews

Solar dos Canadianos Simple tasca for local people
Solar dos Canadianos
Lisbon Events
12:00 to July 29 | PHOTO EXHIBIT AND B...
to July 29 | PHOTO EXHIBIT AND B...
Jul 16 @ 12:00 – 23:59
to July 29 | PHOTO EXHIBIT AND BOOK PRESENTATION | “Macau 5.0” by Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro | Alcântara | FREE @ Ler Devagar | Lisboa | Portugal
In 1557, the Macau peninsula was rented to Portugal by the Chinese empire as a trading port. It stayed rented to the Portuguese until 1999. In 2000, Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro started taking photos of it.[...]
22:00 to Dec 25 | LIVE JAZZ | Ricardo ...
to Dec 25 | LIVE JAZZ | Ricardo ...
Jul 16 @ 22:00 – Jul 17 @ 02:00
to Dec 25 | LIVE JAZZ | Ricardo Toscano Jam Session | Cais do Sodré | FREE @ O Bom O Mau e O Vilão | Lisboa | Lisboa | Portugal
From O Bom O Mau e O Vilão: “Whoever said Mondays are “staying home” nights didn’t pass by Cais do Sodré, where they’re the perfect time and place for Jazz! Saxophonist Ricardo Toscano brings along[...]
08:00 Weekly | MARKET | Feira da Ladra...
Weekly | MARKET | Feira da Ladra...
Jul 17 @ 08:00 – 18:00
Weekly | MARKET | Feira da Ladra | Alfama @ Feira da Ladra | Lisboa | Lisboa | Portugal
The biggest and still the best outdoor market in Lisbon, every Tuesday morning and Saturday pretty much all day. “Ladra” means “thief” – while you can get some nice artisanal jewelry, 17th-century tiles, copper pots,[...]
09:30 to July 27 | PAINTING EXHIBIT | ...
to July 27 | PAINTING EXHIBIT | ...
Jul 17 @ 09:30 – 18:30
to July 27 | PAINTING EXHIBIT | Gerson Fogaça’s “Symbolic Visions ” | Belém | FREE @ Casa da América Latina | Lisboa | Lisboa | Portugal
Brazilian artist Gerson Fogaça’s exhibition explores modern urban life and those who experience it. His work is tied to the cities he has lived in, which he believes are “mutant, hybrid, sometimes strangely pleasurable, and sometimes painfully[...]
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Interviews with Lisboetas

  • MOTELX 2017: Nine Directors, Five Questions - Nine Portuguese directors are vying for the top short-film prize at the 2017 MOTELX and Atlas got the inside scoop on what makes them tremble.
  • Getting Giffy Wit It: A Q&A With Miguel Feraso Cabral - Local gif hero Miguel Cabral doesn't only use his artistic talents for the sake of Público, one of the top news outlets in Portugal, where he's a web designer on a small team. It seems like he saves his best bits for his own pet projects. His "Lisbon Postcards" gif series is just one of his […]
  • JÁ: English Theater in Lisboa is Already in Action - What do you get when you mix an accomplished actor from New Zealand, a Ukranian director, a Portuguese scriptwriter, and an Indian drama geek who dabbles in string theory and black holes?

History and Customs

  • Alcântara: Former Industrial Bastion Reprocessed - The continuous gentrification of Alcântara follows the same trend as the rest of the city. However, it’s quite hard to predict the direction it will take in the future.
  • Step Onto Lisbon’s Social Dance Floors - As a stepping stone to Europe, Lisbon has had its floors thumped on in many different styles and by even more rhythms. From swing to forró, African to European folk, you'll find it spinning somewhere every day of every week.
  • Guide to Portuguese Idioms Portuguese Idioms: Queimar as Pestanas! - The correct use of Portuguese idioms is a great way to really use a language and an even better way to understand the people who speak it. Not surprisingly, the Portuguese use a lot of references to vinyards (vinhas) and sardines (sardinhas), but I was confounded by their frequent use of chickens (galinhas). For example: Não […]

Lisbon Street Team

  • Mouraria: A Filthy Bastion of Hope - Mouraria may be one of the last bastions of hope in what seems to be quickly becoming Brooklyn, Portugal. Mouraria's filth, character, colorfulness, and diversity are the exact opposite of the carefully crafted simulacrum of these urban elements at, say, LX Factory. As an eight-month resident of the neighborhood, I have had the privilege of exploring its […]
  • Gaming in Lisbon: Where to Play - Lisbon has its fair share of places to party, but what about places to We have gathered all the bars, restaurants, and gaming centers we could find and organized them into a handy dandy list (and map!) so you can eat, drink, and satiate even your more competitive cravings. Now get out there, bring your a-game, […]
  • A Decade of Change Part Two: Quinta do Mocho - Quinta do Mocho is a stand-alone estate originally designed to hold those with nowhere to go. However, 10 years on, Quinta do Mocho seems transformed. The neighborhood now has over 67 murals and is the largest open-air urban art gallery in Europe, with work from artists including Vhils, Smile, and Astro.

Trips outside Lisbon

Portugal's Best: Eleven Beaches You Shouldn't Miss
Portugal's Best: Eleven Beaches You Shouldn't Miss
The Portuguese Coastal Route to Santiago de Compostela
The Portuguese Coastal Route to Santiago de Compostela

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