About Atlas Lisboa

Atlas’ mission: This community magazine strives for a return to authenticity and to give our readers a sense of adventure. We are not your average online resource. We lead you to places and things we know to be consistently good, but we leave the exploring to you.

Our site is a guide to Lisbon’s hidden charms and unspoiled places, because that’s what Lisbon is all about once you leave Rua Augusta and Avenida da Liberdade. We welcome all — but we particularly want Lisboetas to have a city that remains special during boom times and the inevitable recessions.

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Who We Are

Ellis Dixon is a rock climber and karaoke expert from Memphis and New York City. In 2012, she came to Lisbon and fell in love with the light, the saudade, the sandwiches, and the people. She felt compelled to write about it all.

O Vádio is a cynic and a loser and he just keeps hanging around the house in his bathrobe. Seriously. He doesn’t leave the house except to get a bottle of 12-year Glenfarclas, and the occasional kebab, before coming back to correct everyone’s English.


Atlas’ Contributors

Mário Tavares is a quirky, nerdy Lisboeta, an avid sci-fi and fantasy reader, writer, and gamer who has a special soft spot for martial arts, sports, and the more esoteric walks of life. He enjoys spearfishing, teaching XVIth century German longsword fencing, and spinning drum and bass tunes. He currently studies social psychology at ISPA with a focus on social media and digital marketing.



Pearlie Tan is a freelance writer and editor from Australia. She lives on a small organic farm in Alenquer.



Paul Alfonso Soto is an adventurer, writer, and basketballer who now calls Portugal home. Originally from Venezuela, Paul grew up on the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas and is getting used to the coastal breeze. You can catch him at a pick-up game at Parque das Mamas, in a speedo in Costa da Caparica, or at home, watching The Godfather Part II on his laptop, taking notes on how to one day write a story that damn good.



Ted is an Irishman living in Lisboa. He likes bikes, cameras, and cool stuff in general.



Effie Karamantzani As in the lyrics to Pulp’s “Common People,” she came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge. However, instead of sculpture, she studied law in Athens and came to Lisbon as an Erasmus student, doing her LLM in public international law. An occasional photographer and constant adventurer, Effi finds joy in discovering new things and writing about them.


Bogdan Kamuta and Begemot are not his real names: he’s a political refugee from the U.S., born in the Bronx with Soviet roots. When not drawing (his background is in art), writing, or taking photos, Mr. Kamuta can be found teaching English or in a number of Lisbon’s bars, parks, apartments, venues, playing the bass guitar, or doodling in his sketchbook. Sometimes he plays footie, but he’s not very good.


Ojodepeza is the pseudonym behind which Lorena Velasco hides. Originally from Murcia, a small region in the south of Spain that only she and her mother know about, she speaks English with a funny accent and has a big heart. As a teacher of photography, Lorena moved to Lisbon in 2016 to study and never left. She loves eating tremosos, procastinating, and palindromes.