The People’s Guide to Lisbon

The People’s Guide to Lisbon

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Synik hip hop artist by Champupuri
Let's Have a Word #2: Gerald Mugwenhi aka Synik
Abandoned Castle in Alentejo: Montemor-o-Novo

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There’s a lot going on in Lisbon, but we curate what’s up so you know…


What are the top places for art, history, puppets, and more? We’ve done the legwork.…

Parks and Gardens

Lisbon’s top outdoor spaces range from miradouros, to green parks and gardens, and yes, cemeteries.…


We love Lisbon because it’s a small town wrapped up inside a big city. Prices…


Restaurants, cafes, kiosks, and more, Lisbon's got all kinds of kitchens, and we've reviewed them…


With incredible vinho and cheap beer everywhere, you'll need a guide to get your drink…


Put on your dancing sapatos! Party ’til sunrise like a Lisboeta at one of these…


If you judge a course by its par threes, these two courses near Lisbon won’t disappoint…


It may be hilly and bumpy, but bike lanes are popping up in LX and…


Here’s some info on the top three spots to grab a wave and get maps of dozens more surf…

Rock Climbing

There’s tons of climbing around Lisbon, even multi-pitch trad if you…

Essentials for Visitors

Cooking with Claudia, a Better Martha Stewart for Lisbon
Cooking with Claudia, a Better Martha Stewart for Lisbon
Buying Local in Lisboa
Buying Local in Lisboa

Living in Lisboa

Latest Restaurant Reviews

Solar dos Canadianos Simple tasca for local people
Solar dos Canadianos
Lisbon Events
all-day to Oct 5 | CALL FOR ARTISTS | “I...
to Oct 5 | CALL FOR ARTISTS | “I...
Sep 22 all-day
to Oct 5 | CALL FOR ARTISTS | "It's Happening" Festival | Lisbon | FREE @ António Arroio Secondary School  | Lisboa | Lisboa | Portugal
Ever wonder what’s happening? If you’re an artist, or just want to do something different, now’s your chance to determine the answer. From the organizers: “It’s Happening: A socio-cultural event in which both the artist[...]
all-day to Sept 22 | FILM FESTIVAL | Que...
to Sept 22 | FILM FESTIVAL | Que...
Sep 22 all-day
to Sept 22 | FILM FESTIVAL | Queer Lisboa 22: International Queer Film Festival | Lisbon | 1,20 - 16€ @ VARIOUS LOCATIONS
Depending on where and how one was raised, how old one is, and, more importantly, how straight one’s priorities are — no pun intended — the term queer may evoke different emotions in people. The[...]
all-day to Sept 27 | PERFORMANCE ART | S...
to Sept 27 | PERFORMANCE ART | S...
Sep 22 all-day
to Sept 27 | PERFORMANCE ART | September at Rua das Gaivotas 6 | Santos | FREE to 7,5€ @ Rua das Gaivotas 6 | Lisboa | Lisboa | Portugal
Rua das Gaivotas 6 has pushed the boundaries on traditional theatre by providing a space for performances, movement, residencies and readings, a former School, now opened to a neighborhood and a city. As imagined by[...]
15:00 LIVE MUSIC | 1st Anniversary of ...
LIVE MUSIC | 1st Anniversary of ...
Sep 22 @ 15:00 – Sep 23 @ 05:00
LIVE MUSIC | 1st Anniversary of O/B with Mystic Jungle, Cedric Woo and More | Beato | 9€ @ Factory | Lisbon | Lisbon | Portugal
A year ago, a bunch of DJs and their friends decided to get together and take and make a party. O/B (ouro bravo, or “brave gold”) was the result. This month, O/B turns one year[...]
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Interviews with Lisboetas

  • Freelancing in Lisbon: A Q&A With Graphic Artist Tiago Lourenço - Tiago Lourenço's hyper-real graphic design images show a depth of visual language we've rarely seen. We asked him how he does it, and what 3D imaging has to do with rock climbing.
  • There are Things Lisbon Does Not Love - Whether you live here or you're just visiting, responsible tourism is something we should all pay attention to. According to LDNL, "Be respectful and act with dignity just as you would do at home."
  • Lazuli Shoes: Portugal-Inspired Footwear - Recently, Atlas was gallivanting along the Tâmega River in Amarante and noticed something quite special through a shop window on Rua Frei José Amarante, just up from Igreja de São Gonçalo. The name of the store? Aguarela - Art Shoes & Bags. This wasn't your typical souvenir shop that sells magnets, teeshirts and mouse pads […]

History and Customs

  • Camões: The Portuguese Poet Camões: The Portuguese Poet - Luís Vaz de Camões is considered the greatest poet of the Portuguese language. His mastery of language and unmatched influence over it has led some to call Portuguese "the language of Camões." The story of Camões' life is rather sketchy and predominantly crafted from snippets written long after he was gone. It is believed that […]
  • The Eccentric Englishwoman: Guilhermina Suggia - In her hometown, Porto, the cellist Guilhermina Augusta Xavier de Medin Suggia was affectionately known as "the eccentric Englishwoman." This nickname, earned by someone who was, in fact, flesh-and-blood Portuguese, reflects the extent Suggia was ahead of her times — as a cellist and as a woman.
  • Maria_Helena_Vieira_da_Silva_-_Self-portrait The Silent Lady: Maria Helena Vieira da Silva - When rebuked about not talking enough about her work, the modernist painter Vieira da Silva once retorted: "And what does one paint for? Isn't it to make the canvas speak? The painter's language is the paintings themselves!"

Lisbon Street Team

  • Intendente Part 2: Where the Tramps Dwell - Intendente takes little more than a minute to walk across, but each time its pulse can be felt within seconds, be it good or bad or both.
  • Fábrica da Pólvora: The Explosive New Art Scene in Oeiras - Who would have thought that eight stops from Lisbon’s Rossio station in Barcarena, there’s a city of artist studios that laughs in the face of the co-working space concept, a green space, a killer buffet-style restaurant, an outdoor amphitheater, and an archeological museum all in the same complex?
  • Drug Levels in Lisbon: The 2018 Report - Drugs are doing funny things in Europe, with some dropping off and others on the rise. The 2018 European Drug Report examines trends within Portugal.

Trips outside Lisbon

Portugal's Best: Eleven Beaches You Shouldn't Miss
Portugal's Best: Eleven Beaches You Shouldn't Miss
The Portuguese Coastal Route to Santiago de Compostela
The Portuguese Coastal Route to Santiago de Compostela

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