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COVID-19: What the Good Doctor Says

There’s of noise out there about what to expect from the coronavirus, but perhaps it’s best that we hear from a doctor working in the Portuguese health system. 

A Q&A With That Dude Behind

Find out why a banker traded his suit and tie to become a wetsuit-wearing entrepreneur, and what goes on behind the scenes at Europe’s first live beach broadcasting company.

A Q&A with Claudio Carbone: Director of Another Lisbon Story

“Another Lisbon Story” follows the community that makes up Bairro da Torre — a Lisbon favela — and their active participation in the future of their neighborhood. Director, Claudio Carbone, who was kind enough to answer some questions for Atlas.

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An unassuming exterior with a surprising fusion of Central and South American cuisine with a touch of flavors from around the world


A wardrobe mirror hides the entrance to this imaginative restaurant and bar.

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