The People’s Guide to Lisbon

The People’s Guide to Lisbon

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The New Kid on the Block: CCB's Development Plans
Food, Kittens, and Cuteness: Q & A with Abacaxi Lab
Let's Have A Word #4: Will Samson
Like many things, the Pirates' Code was invented by a Portuguese.
Bartolomeu Português: Father of the Pirates' Code
The Big Bad List: Halloween Parties in Lisbon, 2018
The Mischievous Storyteller: Paula Rego
Abandoned Castle in Alentejo: Montemor-o-Novo

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There’s a lot going on in Lisbon, but we curate what’s up so you know…


What are the top places for art, history, puppets, and more? We’ve done the legwork.…

Parks and Gardens

Lisbon’s top outdoor spaces range from miradouros, to green parks and gardens, and yes, cemeteries.…


We love Lisbon because it’s a small town wrapped up inside a big city. Prices…


Restaurants, cafes, kiosks, and more, Lisbon's got all kinds of kitchens, and we've reviewed them…


With incredible vinho and cheap beer everywhere, you'll need a guide to get your drink…


Put on your dancing sapatos! Party ’til sunrise like a Lisboeta at one of these…


If you judge a course by its par threes, these two courses near Lisbon won’t disappoint…


It may be hilly and bumpy, but bike lanes are popping up in LX and…


Here’s some info on the top three spots to grab a wave and get maps of dozens more surf…

Rock Climbing

There’s tons of climbing around Lisbon, even multi-pitch trad if you…

Essentials for Visitors

Cooking with Claudia, a Better Martha Stewart for Lisbon
Cooking with Claudia, a Better Martha Stewart for Lisbon
Buying Local in Lisboa
Buying Local in Lisboa

Living in Lisboa

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Lisbon Events
09:00 Exhibition | Micro Exhibition by...
Exhibition | Micro Exhibition by...
Dec 10 @ 09:00 – 19:00
Exhibition | Micro Exhibition by Abacaxi Lab | Graca | FREE @ Micro Padaria | Lisboa | Lisboa | Portugal
There’s nowhere better to hold a micro-exhibition than at a micro-padaria. This “teeny tiny exhibition at the teeny tiny but wonderful Micro Padaria” is a display of linocut work by Abacaxi Lab and includes an array of[...]
10:00 to Dec 23 | BOOK FAIR | Festa do...
to Dec 23 | BOOK FAIR | Festa do...
Dec 10 @ 10:00 – 19:00
to Dec 23 | BOOK FAIR | Festa dos Livros 2018 | Praça de Espanha | FREE @ Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian | Lisboa | Lisboa | Portugal
If your Christmas shopping list is causing you some stress, fear not. A book is always a safe bet, even if it’s never read. Come get your inner geek on and maybe find that last-minute[...]
12:00 to Jan 1 | HOLIDAY MARKET | Wond...
to Jan 1 | HOLIDAY MARKET | Wond...
Dec 10 @ 12:00 – 20:00
to Jan 1 | HOLIDAY MARKET | Wonderland Christmas in Lisbon | Marques de Pombal | FREE @ Eduardo VII Park | Lisboa | Lisboa | Portugal
“A good conscience is a continual Christmas.” Benjamin Franklin. That said, Benjamin Franklin should not be the first thing you think of when you think about Christmas. That dude was a perv. Google it. But[...]
18:30 to Dec 14 | ART EXHIBIT | “Geraç...
to Dec 14 | ART EXHIBIT | “Geraç...
Dec 10 @ 18:30 – 21:30
to Dec 14 | ART EXHIBIT | "Geração" by Constança Clara | Rato | FREE @ Edge Arts | Lisboa | Lisboa | Portugal
Constança Clara is a Portuguese artist who works with sculpture, photography, drawing and painting. Her new show, Geração (“Generation”), centers around an “installation that appeals to a sensory experience and a set of objects of[...]
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Interviews with Lisboetas

History and Customs

  • December 1st: A Celebration of Defenestration - The Portuguese saying De Espanha, nem bom vento nem bom casamento (literally: from Spain, no good wind nor good marriage) comes to mind in light of today's celebration of Portuguese Independence from Spain, particularly considering the recent visit of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano. However, it's worth noting that the wind that brought the Spanish royals was […]
  • Baker’s Dozen: A Guide to 13 Portuguese Breads and Treats - Even if you're on the Atkins diet, there's no way to avoid sampling at least one baked good here. They're everywhere. There's an obligatory basket of bread on the table at every restaurant (usually for an extra 1€ or 2€ if you decide to dig in). There's also a pastelaria (pastry shop) on pretty much […]
  • Museu da Marioneta - Lisbon's Museum of Marionettes in Santos (Rua da Esperança, 146) houses a huge number of strange, spooky, and wonderful puppets from around the world and around the ages. Seemingly just for children - it hosts puppet shows for the kids and offers classes in mask and puppet-making - this museum is not just for the young ones: it's a great assortment of […]

Lisbon Street Team

  • Foxes, Owls, and Guerrillas: Graffiti Marketing in Lisbon - Street art can add to a city in many positive ways, but what we are seeing here is mercantile vandalism. This is a large company profiting at the expense of the city and the people and businesses who populate it.
  • Marcha Global da Marijuana: Fighting for Legalization in Lisbon - Weed, marijuana, pot — the list is endless, and the conversation about legalization in Portugal is in full swing. A proposal was originally submitted to parliament by Bloco de Esquerda and Pessoas-Animais-Natureza, seeking to legalize medical marijuana and cultivation for personal use. However, this seems to have been a step too far, and after resistance […]
  • Abandoned Lisboa: The Comboio Graveyard in Barreiro - Across the river from Lisbon in Barreiro, disused trains sit on overgrown tracks, rusting under the elements and awaiting whatever fate will befall them.

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