Month: December 2017


Best of Lisbon 2017

Our street team has spent the past year testing, evaluating, and taking scrupulous notes to help your next year kick a little ass. Here’s our list of spots around Lisboa that deserve recognition for being on point in 2017.

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Museu da Marioneta

Lisbon’s Museum of Marionettes in Santos (Rua da Esperança, 146) houses a huge number of strange, spooky, and wonderful puppets from around the world and around the ages.

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What’s Brewing at 8ª Colina: A Q&A With Pedro Romão

These unfiltered beers have taken Lisbon by storm and soon, the company plans to open up its own Quiosque 8ª Colina to better introduce them to the rest of the hills around town. We met one of the founding brewmeisters himself, Pedro Romão, and asked him to tell us his story.

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Essentials for Visitors

Buying Local in Lisboa

There’s always a market or two going on in Lisbon throughout the year, but these can be sporadic at best — and sometimes you just

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