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Cais Club Kebap

A breath of fresh air if you’re looking for an authentic Middle Eastern kebab alongside a fancy brew for brunch, lunch, or dinner

Maduxa Pastanaga

A culinary trip around the world starting right here in Lisbon, led by chef Ana, who’s been everywhere, man

Toca do Grilo

A touch of the grill on a “piano of pork” is just the thing at this roadside restaurant. 

food for thought


Momentous Eventus, October 16-23

Drive-in movies, a Van Gogh cornucopia, luxurious jazz and sustainable soul food are some of the things you can do in the next week. Be safe, and be courteous!

Reflector #9: Metro-Ongen – “Lisbon”

Lisbon” is a love song, that much we know, but nowhere in the lyrics is Lisbon mentioned. Whether it is connected to the city or not will remain an enigma, unless any reader can help solve it.

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