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A Decade of Change Part Two: Quinta do Mocho

May 15, 2018

Quinta do Mocho is a stand-alone estate originally designed to hold those with nowhere to go. However, 10 years on, Quinta do Mocho seems transformed. The neighborhood now has over 67 murals and is the largest open-air urban art gallery in Europe, with work from artists including Vhils, Smile, and Astro.

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A Decade of Change: Lisbon’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods Then and Now

May 3, 2018

It’s hard for many visitors and expats to imagine that Lisbon has a dangerous underbelly, with few venturing outside the progressively hip center. But in the 1970s, neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city started growing — and they quickly gained a reputation for being hotbeds of criminal activity.

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May Day in Lisbon: People of the Parade

May 2, 2018

Lisbon’s May Day march didn’t have the pitchforks and torches of days past, but there was still plenty of energy, anger, and calls for change.

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Fair Bazaar: The Retail Website That Urges You Not to Buy Stuff

September 21, 2017

There are various ways to kill time as you wait in that long line at the grocery store. Often our eyes are scanning the shelves around us as we go over our shopping list wondering if we got everything we needed. We read the headlines on the glossy magazines as we get nearer to the […]

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Portugal’s Best: Eleven Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss

July 15, 2016

Portugal’s beaches are often warm enough from April to October. Here are some of the finest: Praia Guincho, Cascais  38.731936, -9.472389 Guincho is the beach that has it all: dramatic scenery, thanks to its location next to protected areas, some of the most consistent waves for surfing, and great afternoon winds for kite-boarding, although that […]

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September 6, 2015

Here’s some info on the top three spots to grab a wave and get maps of dozens more surf breaks up and down the coast, from Porto to the Algarve. If you need gear, see the sports stores page under Buy. Portugal is the European capital of surfing, so surf’s up, gajo! (DO NOT say that to a local. Learn some Portuguese.) Praia […]

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Climbing and Surfing Gear

September 6, 2015

Need new gear? You don’t have go online for your ropes, draws, or cams, or your surf board, sex wax, and leash. There are spots around Lisbon that can help you get on the rock, or on the waves, sooner than you think. Updated May 22, 2018.  Climbing Equipment in Lisbon – Yupik, a great, […]

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