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to Aug 8 | MULTIMEDIA EXHIBIT | Sound Studies: The Final Report | São Bento | FREE

‘Sound Studies: The Final Report’ is a two-month, two-part multimedia show that brings together 15 art students and is described by its organizers as a “bipartite multimedia event in the context of the fifth edition of the Post-Graduation in Sound Art at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon.” The organizers add that it “intends to publicly expose various artistic explorations that use sound as material to be problematized, debating on its physical, material, conceptual, and ontological properties – interconnecting it with multiple dimensions, some artistic, others cultural, social, and political.”
Sounds pretty sound to us.

It’s hosted by the Zaratan art gallery.

Hugo Januário, Rafael Ayres, Adriana João, Luísa dos Anjos, Vicente Mateus, Beatriz Chagas, Mariana Barros
DATES: 11.06 – 05.07.
OPENING: June 11 at 19:00.
GUIDED TOUR: June 20 at 18:00.

Fallon Mayanja, Diogo Melo, Afonso de Matos Bertrand, Francisca Aires Mateus, Violeta Azevedo, Inês Cabral, Chiara Mirta Buono, Francisco Couto
OPEN: 09.07 – 08.08
OPENING: July 9 at 19:00
GUIDED TOUR: July 18 at 18:00.

HOURS: Thursday-Sunday, 16:00-20:00.


* In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of a sanitary mask is mandatory to visit the exhibition, and entry is subject to maximum capacity, in compliance with hygiene and safety rules.

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