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to Sept 30 | HISTORICAL EXHIBIT | Bernardo Santareno: Portuguese, Writer, Resistant, 100 years | Alfama | 3€

“Meeting someone with yourself is never cheap.”
Bernardo Santareno, The Jew.

August 20 (or August 29th, or August 30th, depending on who you ask), 2020 marks 50 years since the death of the enigmatic Bernardo Santareno, aka António Martinho do Rosário, the cool-looking dude on the left.

Born a century ago, at age 37 Bernardo was working as an onboard physician for the Portuguese cod-fishing fleet. Then he decided to start writing poetry and plays celebrating freedom, human dignity, and love, thereby often criticizing Portugal’s dictatorship and causing much of his work to be banned by said dictatorship.

This summer, as part of their Artists of Resistance series, Museu do Aljube Resistência e Liberdade invites you to meet the man on the left in a bibliographical exhibition that, in their words, “brings together some of the most important moments in the life and work of Bernardo Santareno.” And it’s not that expensive.

Museum hours:
Tue-Sun, 11h-17h.
Show up until Sept 30.

ENTRY: 3€.

NOTE: This event is not on the museum’s main page (probably due to COVID), but it is on Facebook, so don’t kill the messenger.

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