Reflector #19: Renaissance – “Brooklyn To Lisbon”

As David Soares puts it, some of the people behind Atlas can, indeed, relate.

“Reflector” is series undertaken by Atlas correspondent David Soares to bring to your attention songs by non-Portuguese bands inspired — in many cases, rather mysteriously — by the westernmost European nation.

The founders of Atlas Lisboa might relate to the title of this track. Not sure to what extent they will relate to the whole lyrics though. “Brooklyn To Lisbon” off Life’s Soundtrack of 2007 describes the jaunt by hip-hop artist Natalie Thomas a.k.a. Renaissance, later renamed Renaissance Stylez (maybe because a google search would direct anyone to lute music).

Atlas Lisboa founder: Yes, a bit, David!

The song is quite generous with details on what sounded like a memorable trip, from having tasted “bacalhau” and “pasteis de Belém” and “feeling like a queen at S.Jorge’s castle” or “shaking our ass hard at (the now defunct) club Mussulo” to not be able to “tell how many euros we spent” in Colombo and “Amoreiras too”. It also includes a shoutout to local rapper Boss AC.
The scratches on the track were delivered by the acclaimed DJ X-Acto.

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