A Minha Maneira: Portuguese Artist Emanuel De Sousa Has His Way With Lisboa

Da Sousa exhibits over 200 of his sketches and more to the public for the first time.

Madeira native Emanuel De Sousa’s artwork returns to Portugal for the first time in over six years with his new exhibit A Minha Maneira going on at Lisbon’s Espaço Exibicionista. This is the first time the artist has allowed the public into his studio, in a manner of speaking. Here, he is displaying over 200 pieces in the form of sketches, studies, notebooks, finished works, and more taken from his workshop as he was developing three different series: Bruce Lee Shoes, Retrofuture, and Black Hats White Hats.

Atlas got a chance to catch up with the artist, six years to the day after our first Q&A, to talk about Portugal’s art scene, what it’s like living in the Scottish capital, how to build an exhibit during a pandemic with a new gallery, and what Portuguese food he misses the most.

For more information on the artist and to follow his work, check out @emanuelartist on Instagram.

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