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Americans Ahead of All Foreigners Looking to Buy Lisbon Properties

If you like Americans, you're likely to find a lot more of them living next to you soon if you're in Lisbon, Cascais, or Porto.

Among foreign nationals looking to buy a home in Lisbon, most searches are by Americans, followed by Brazilians, the British, the Germans, and, last but certainly not least, the French, according to Idealista.

The Spain-based property portal found some information that you may find useful in predicting who your next neighbor is going to be and/or how to market your apartment to a foreigner.

About a third of the Americans searching for a Lisbon apartment are looking for homes under €300,000, another third for those between €300,000 and €600,000, 18% for homes between €600,000 and €1 million, and a healthy 10% are looking at properties selling for over €1 million.

By contrast, a little under half of the Brazilian, British, and Germans searchers in Lisbon are looking at the low end of the scale.

The French are even more frugal: 68% of those looking to buy are only considering the lower-priced homes, and none are looking at properties selling for €600,000 to €1 million (but 3% are searching homes that cost more than €1 million, interestingly — “just looking,” maybe?).

Another curious finding: Americans lead the pack among foreigners looking at homes in Cascais, and a reassuring 28% of them are looking at properties selling for more than $1 million. The Yankees are followed by Brazilians, the British, and the Germans — but in fifth place, the frugal French have been replaced by the fun-loving Spanish!

The French, however, lead foreigner searches for homes in Albufeira, in the south of the country, which is also favored by sun-deprived Europeans, including the Brits, the Swiss, the Germans, and the Dutch.

For more fun real estate statistics about foreigners, head on over to Idealista.

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