APF Lisboa: A Partilhar com a Familia

If you have kids, you like brunch, and you need to get some work done, this place is there to rescue you. 

Rua das Trinas 67A R/C
211 947 477
Wed – Sat, 9h – 22h; Sun, 9h – 20h

Some people say kids and cocktails don’t mix, others say they can’t get through the day without mixing, but regardless of your mindset, this place in Lapa can help you out. Tired of typing with one hand while making sure your two-year-old doesn’t eat the dishwasher pods? Here’s your chance to sit down at a table, have some lunch, and send your kid downstairs to climb on the indoor climbing wall, jump on the trampoline, or peruse shelf after shelf laden with brightly colored toys that make noises your neighbors would abhor. Yes, it’s heaven for both you and your rugrat, especially because a 5€ fee covers a full day of babysitting. Obviously the weekends are a bit packed, but so is that place on the corner with the instagrammable pancakes, so pick your poison.


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