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RIP – Atari Baby

Proper sushi with a side of arrogance and no arcade despite the name

Rua de São Paulo, 120-124
Cais do Sodré

916 764 744
Mon – Wed, 12h – 15h, 19h – 24h; Thu, 12h – 15h, 19h – 1h; Fri – Sat, 12h – 15h, 19h – 2h; Sun, 12h – 15h, 19h – 24h

Start with some big fat shrimp tempura that comes served with thinly-sliced pickle shavings. Choose a seaweed salad with the perfect amount of sesame oil as you sip your sake inside this faux-concrete vaulted sushi haven. The sushi and sashimi are served fresh and well-prepared with interesting dips and dashes to keep your taste buds occupied. The menus and placemats give a playful nod to arcade games of bygone days, but strangely, there is no physical arcade in the restaurant. But this spot in Cais do Sodré has karaoke rooms for rent if you can gather a group of 10. It reportedly boasts a song list in the thousands and two microphones, so it could be just the place for your next party. Don’t be surprised if the restaurant is empty and they ask you if you have a reservation… because it is one of those places. Our advice? Just have fun with it. Ben Dover party of two?

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