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How to Avoid Queues, Lines, and Waiting in General in Lisbon

Ah, Lisbon! We’re very laid back here. So laid back that if you have dinner plans before a concert, you’re probably gonna be late for that concert, and if you thought you’d be able to go to three museums in one day – HA! You funny.

However, the locals know a few tricks to make life move just a little faster. Avoid long lines, avoid frustration, do more stuff with these tips (and send us more if you got ’em!):

Speed up Your Travel

Get Your Food and Drink — and your Bill — Faster

Don’t Spend Your Day in Lines to See Lisbon’s Sights

Avoid Waiting at the Climbing Crag and the Surf Line-Up

When You REALLY Need to Go (Pee Pee)


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