RIP – Bar Tacão Grande

Good company and cheap beer

Good company and cheap beer

Travessa da Cara, 3
Bairro Alto
+351 213 477 315
Mon – Thu, 21h30 – 2h; Fri – Sat, 21h30 – 3h; Sun, 21h30 – 2h

It can be tough to find a sliver of calm in Bairro Alto, especially because most of the spots are tiny tasca-style places that serve beer in plastic cups and expect you to take yours out on the street. But this spot (while they also subscribe to the to-go cup methodology) feels more like a bar you want to stop and stay a while. The space is generally more chill than the others nearby, but it can get rowdy depending on the crowd that finds it. They’ve got all the Bairro Alto staples: 1€ shots, cheap imperials, and quick turnaround times, but don’t let that dissuade you from setting up shop inside for a spell.

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