BANANACAFE Jardim da Estrela

A magical gazebo for a working lunch or a mid-afternoon snack

Jardim Guerra Junqueira, Praça da Estrela
213 974 276, website
Daily, 9h – 21h

This is the former Bela-Sombre, but not much has changed: the coffee is still pricier than what you can get within a three-minute walk, but that’s what you get for location, location, location. This patio and cafe allow you to watch the ducks and geese play in the lake, so the tradeoff makes sense. If you’re peckish, go for one of the snacks or bigger meals, the new ownership stepped it up a notch. On a nice day, it’s perhaps the most relaxing spot to get a little work done in town, especially if there aren’t many people around, because the secret is out and MacBooks are now more common than card games. And note that on a recent visit with a child wanting juice, juice was not to be had.


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