Best of Lisboa 2022

The best of the best in Lisbon, and beyond, according to people who know what is the what.

It’s been a difficult 2021 in Portugal, with much loss. This list is to celebrate the people and places making Lisbon a far better city to spend the global COVID pandemic than much the rest of the world, and hopefully encourage our readers to support them — or, in the case of our overall winner, keep it clean.

Without further ado…

Best Overall Place in Lisbon, for Many Things, per Atlas Contributors

Parque Florestal de Monsanto As you’ll see, Lisbon’s “lung” — a humongous city park, three times bigger than New York’s Central Park (this website was founded by New Yorkers, yes) — has been where many of us go to keep it together during these times of pandemic fun and excitement, especially when everything else is closed.

By category

The Outdoors

Best City Park: Parque Eduardo VII. It’s the one with the giant flag and the tiny penis fountain. Ignore the penis and enjoy the park with the Estufa Fria botanical garden. There’s also a playground with a cool kiosk to have a drink or eat a light meal. – Denise

Runner-up: Parque de Bela Vista

Best View: In pre-COVID Times, a race would cross the Ponte 25 de Abril once every year. For those willing to walk or run the 5k race or the marathon, or to just walk, there is no view like it. There is also no other way of feeling how much that bridge really moves with the wind. Not for people with vertigo. – Denise

Runner-up: Panorâmico de Monsanto

Best Public Place to Grill: In Lisbon, almost all of them have closed because people keep setting fire to the parks, but one of the best, a picnic area on the north side of Monsanto, Parque de Merendas da Mata de São Domingos de Benfica, was actually recently renovated. It’s not just the best because of the functional grills (open from around October to May or so) and new tables and benches, but because of the sheer diversity of the groups it attracts. On a nice weekend day, expect every continent to be represented right here. –O Vadio

Best Place to Run: Monsanto, according to ALL of the runners we know (three, if you’re wondering how many).

Runner-up: Along the riverfront, from Cais do Sodre to Alges. I heard that slalom-ing amongst wandering tourists, fishermen, and kids rollerblading is good for you. Keeps you on your toes! –Roxy

Best Place to Stroll: Just discovered that it’s possible to go from Monsanto to Restauradores completely along a green corridor. Go from Monsanto to the Comuna through the garden, then climb up to Parque Eduardo VII through the garden again, down Parque Eduardo VII to Marquês, then down Avenida da Liberdade to Restauradores. Stroll in the center of the city always through the green! – Denise

Runner-up: Rua Do Ginjal

Best Bike Lane/Path/RouteCarcavelos to Cascais, early in the morning – Maria

Not a runner-up: Lisbon is covered in bike lanes that theoretically should allow to freely circulate in Lisbon. Not so easy. First, they are poorly designed, often interrupted, and disappear unexpectedly, making cyclists share space with buses. Second, Lisbon is the City of the Seven Hills. Yes, seven… – Denise

Best Place to Meet your Personal Trainer: Jardim de Estrela, it seems. They bring all those rubber bands, kettle balls, and hand-rolling ab-exercisers, and at least one even offers sparring, with boxing gloves and everything, to ’90s rock. – O Vadio

Best New Street Art Gallery by Unidentified Artist: That dude or dudette or other who is strategically plastering images of the dude in 3D glasses riding a seahorse or a stingray or a paper airplane, or taking a selfie with a mushroom cloud, the selfie-taking suicide bomber, and other cool stuff like that all over Mouraria.Bogdan Kamuta

Best New Street Art Gallery (Artist Identified): 3D Blueprint – AzulTejo Network by Justin Amrhein, on the waterfront between Cais do Sodré and Santos. These “machines” always put a smile on our face, whether we’re running, biking, or having a beer here. It’s also a testament to artists, galleries, and Lisbon’s city authorities working together toward something beautiful, even in times of the pandemic. – O Vadio

Best place to tune the out, avoid most humans, not use Google maps and, thereby, get lost in a forest as sundown approaches (within walking distance of a metro): Monsanto – Bogdan Kamuta

One of Monsanto’s many hidden gems

Day Trip Destinations

Best Day Trip from Lisbon — Beach(y): Santa Cruz. Beach, hiking, great fish market. Very constant weather, same in winter as in summer, always cold. Beautifull in de siécle beach architecture. – Denise


Mini road-trip? Say no more! Lagoa da Albufeira, Praia Grande, or Ericeira (seconded by Maria) are all marvelous options for a day out. – Roxy 

Costa de Galé

Praia da Ribeira do Cavalo. Not your typical Atlantic wave and wind-swept beach, PRC has it all for the non-surfing beachgoers: a great bush hike, beautiful rocks to dive from, and pristine aquamarine still waters, all just a short drive from Sesimbra. – Daria

Praia da Ribeira do Cavalo

Best Day Trip from Lisbon — Not Beach: Torres Vedras, Quinta dos Cucos. The thermal spa that was built in 1892 unfortunately closed down, but the gardens are beautiful and have picnic tables. There is a gorgeous hike from one of the chalets. – Denise

Best Nearby Area That Remains Frozen in Time: Cross the river to Trafaria, find fish restaurants right off the boat that still feels like it’s 1980. – Denise

Best Day Trip to Leave the City Behind Entirely (That’s Not a Tourist Attraction Yet But Will Be):Cais Palafitico de Carrasqueira is a city-on-the-water made of scrap wood, and people work and live here, for now. There are some expensive Leicas around on the weekend, but it doesn’t stop the fishermen from mending the nets to take out for the catch. No cool bars, no kaffeehauses, no croissants here, and it can smell funny. You’ll love it. – O Vadio

Cais Palafitico de Carrasqueira


Best Art Gallery: Prisma. It’s one of the best spots in the city to see alternative, out-there, or just plain weird art. They have performances, but it is the gallery shows that really shine. – Eden

Runner-up: Cordoaria Nacional. It’s huge, and most of the time there’s food and drinks at the outdoor patio area. -Maria

Editors’ note: Lisbon’s splashiest art show of 2021, which also turned out to be one of the best in some time, Ai Weiwei’s Rapture, took place at Cordoaria.

Best Art Museum: Museu Coleção Berardo. Perfect to brush up on your modern and contemporary art knowledge, this museum in the Centro Cultural de Belem boasts a surprisingly extensive collection of 20th-century art, dedicated to pretty much every art current of the century. One of the highlights is the stylish terrace, showcasing beautiful sculptures and even offering a cheeky peek at the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos. – Daria

Runner-up: Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea do Chiado (MNAC)

Best Museum You’ve Never Been to: The Military Museum. It may be a little run down and in need of attention, but both the building and the collection are worth the visit. – Denise

Best Large Venue to See a Concert, Play, or Dance Performance: The Museu de Art Antiga. COVID-related restrictions changed the 2020 program for most venues, closing down a significant number of shows, and gave way to open-air shows. The Museu de Art Antiga hosted the Operafest in the garden, which included singing lessons and a very diverse program. It was not a very large space, but still had a considerable number of people. – Denise

Runner-up: Pavilhão Atlantico, whenever they fix that roof. – Maria


Best Dirt-Cheap Restaurant: A Colmeia. This is our go-to place in Benfica… shhhh! Yes, it’s cheap, but definitely not dirt. –Eddie

Best Kiosk: Deja Vu in front of Liceu Camões, the one place where I actually drink limonadas. -Maria

Best Cachupa at Place With Misleading Name: Fox Coffee Restaurant Lounge. The location is not very touristy (yet), the atmosphere is nice and chill (with live music many a night), and the staff is courteous and friendly. The coffee, however, is just ok, but the cachupa is really, really good. In fairness, its second name is “Fox Coffee – Rei da Cachupa” (but that’s not obvious if you just happen to walk by). – Bogdan Kamuta

Best Croissants: Padaria Fermenta. Porto-style croissants: meaning smooth brioche dough. Go simple or go crazy with the doce de ovos. – Alfredo

Best Bread: Hands down, Gleba wins the title. Their sourdough has even the most carb-conscious making exceptions to their diet regimen. The best part is that if you can’t finish it all before it gets crusty, the remaining slices make the most incredible French toast you’ll ever have. – Ellis

Best (Brazilian-Style) Pizza: Nonna Beija. For thick, Brazilian-style pizza, check these guys out. It’s made by the enterprising folks at Dona Beija who set up this tasty side-hustle during the pandemic. I’m not surprised that it has become its own beast considering the ample use of catupiri cheese. – Eddie

Best Non-Brazilian Style Pizza: Casa Santi. It’s not just the thin-crust pizza — and it’s damn fine, with some key ingredients imported from Italy, combined with carefully sourced local goods. There’s also Chianti sold at reasonable rates, and top-notch cutting implements. But what truly stands out is the staff, uniquely competent and somehow the right combination of humorous and attentive, all of them — and they have stayed with Casa Santi for a long time, which is tribute to the management. – O Vadio

Runners-Up: Retrogusto 64. Did someone say pistachio base??? ALSO: Pizzeria Lupita is a brilliant option too; proper pizza oven, awesome atmosphere, always buzzing with exciting people. Because that´s how I like my pizza – with a side of eye candy. – Roxy

Best Restaurant Overall (Portuguese): Dona Tilia. This tiny family restaurant in Sete Rios is the kind of place you see in the movies but may not have experienced yet in real life. When you’re here, you’re family, and the food is the best you’ll find anywhere no matter what you order. – Maria

Best Pho: Boa Bão. There will be queues, and it might be a little bit pricey, but it will be worth it, trust me! – Eddie

Best Clandestine Chinese:Oriental Dongfong Dumpling A.K.A. Amigo Lee’s. Atop the half-working (and, even then, only around election time) escalator at Martim Moniz sits a magical little apartment-turned-restaurant with beautiful views of the castle and the Graça convent. Mr. Lee cooks, Mrs. Lee takes care of the guests, and they still speak very little Portuguese or English. Nevertheless, they still provide the fastest and friendliest service in town, a humble, welcoming, DIY decor, a variety of traditional Chinese cuisine (with pictured menus), hand-carved-by-Mrs. Lee flower carrots to go with your meal, and an impeccably poured glass of box wine. And the cabbage in garlic sauce (still A9 on the menu) remains something that can not be put in words… – Bodgan Kamuta

Best Steak: Oh Lacerda. It’s located across from the Gulbenkian, so for a fancy-schmancy one-two punch of steak and art (or music), this one’s a winner. – Senhor Santos

Editors’ note: The Gulbenkian musicians, if you have a crush on one of them like some of the Atlas contributors do, tend to come here for dinner after the shows.

Runner-Up: O Tripeiro

Best Burger: Badochas is a sweet little burger joint that does not pretend to be more than it is. They have a simple menu that consists of a classic burger with cheese, pickles, onions, and their house sauce as a base. You can then decide if you want to upgrade to two or three burger patties and add extras. The burgers are on the smaller side (so definitely double or triple up if you’re a big eater) but reasonably priced, and damn tasty! – Gloria

Best Seafood: Restaurante Farol. Sure, there are other spots around town to get great seafood, but just try beating the view from O Farol. You can’t. And the buttered bread and crab dip? Please. Can’t be beat. – Senhor Santos

Best Argentinian: Empanadaria El Pibe is pretty well known in Lisbon, with a couple of different locations. But the prestige is well-earned, with fantastic empanadas (each named after various notable figures), good Argentinian beer, and a range of cocktails. – Eden

Best Indian: Royal Spice Restaurant. It offers good food with a great staff. They can be a little slow with big groups but are one of the only places that can accommodate a walk-in table for 10 without breaking a sweat so it is forgiven. – Eden

Best Nepalese: RD’s Restaurant and Café. Fooling the passer-by with a rather anonymous esplanada, this spot in Graça is actually quite popular, and for good reasons: a small menu of delicious and comforting dishes, very abundant portions for a great price. Their momo soup is an absolute must. – Daria

Runner-Up: Sanskar Nepal. This spot remains one of the best in Lisbon overall and offers a full vegan menu! The food is always great and the staff is wonderful. Note that you are likely to be in close quarters with other guests due to its popularity and small size. Worth it at most times of the year, but best avoided during Web Summit due to the high volume of loud punters (I’m looking at you, douchebag in the leather jacket). – Eden

Best Kebab: The best Kebab in town is hands down at Lebanese Corner. They offer a choice of chicken or beef shawarmas, and the falafels are made fresh the moment you order, none of that pre-made frozen junk. They also offer yummy hummus and baba ghanoush as starters. – Gloria

Best RamenAjitama Ramen Bistro. If you haven’t tried their delicious ramen alongside a martini glass full of their dry wasabi martini cocktail, you haven’t lived. They boil their broth for a ridiculous amount of time to get that flavor, and the care with which it’s served mirrors the care of the preparation. The ramen itself is filling and shareable (should you want to try a lot of things) but I’m not parting with even one bite. Nope. Mine. – Ellis

Runner-Up: Panda Cantina takes gold because of their cute panda chopstick holders (ok, and the fried tofu. I´ll take six — tofu pieces, not pandas). – Roxy

Best Japanese, Especially for Sashimi: Go Juu. For anyone who winces when their sushi roll comes with a strawberry and a dash of mayo and the only sashimi options are salmon and tuna imported from god knows where, this beautiful and friendly restaurant will soothe your violated taste buds. Go Juu is the place to eat magnificently prepared local seafood, raw or in tempura or otherwise, as well as plenty of vegetarian dishes, all expertly prepared by trained sushimen and -women. The restaurant does carry salmon and tuna, and they’re splendid, but the main draw is the sashimi of local fish, including robalo, pargo, and lulas, among other options — pending availability, because this place does everything fresh. The bill will be steep, and steeper still if you opt for one of the Japanese whiskeys, but worth it. – O Vadio

Best Korean Table Barbecue: Han Table Barbecue in Pena opened its doors in 2018. Within a few short months it became a “reservations only” type of place, and rightfully so. Moreover, since then, Korean BBQ has been a thing in Lisbon, with more Hans and other similar establishments popping up all over town. We still prefer the original in Pena, but the lesser-known Han in Arroios deserves an honorable mention (we aren’t sure if it’s run by the same people…). P.S. When there, don’t be afraid to ask the professional staff how to use the, um, table barbecue thingy (to maximize flavor). – Bodgan Kamuta

Best Russian and Caucasian (as in the Caucasus): Akcentt is yet to make a splash on the relevant foodie platforms, and that means you can still get a table there to eat genuine borsht, pelmeni, vareniki, golubci, chebureki, and khachapuri in town, homemade with love and served by the one and only Lana — if you’re lucky, with some locally made firewater, aka samogon, if you like (but a Portuguese variety from respected distillers). – O Vadio

Best Vegetarian and/or Vegan Restaurant: Kong. With every passing year, there is more and more competition in the vegetarian/vegan category, which is no bad thing. This year, Kong is hands down the winner. Great food, great people, perfect location. Side Note: Ao 26, Vegan Food Project used to be a go-to for a “fancier” vegan restaurant but has gone downhill in the last year. They should be ashamed of their francesinha. – Eden

Note: The best VEGAN polvo lagareiro can be found at Kong. Absolutely incredible! Looks like the thing, smells like the thing, tastes like the thing… I had to check a couple of times that it’s not a real friend on my plate. Fungi forever! Plant Base is excellent too, and they have a nice variety of cuisines and vegan classics: burgers, pizzas, momos… And do yourself a favor, get the hot sauce. – Roxy

Drinking and Dancing

Best Cocktail Bar: Cockpit Bar: small, cozy, nice staff, and fancy in its own way. Great cocktails and tasty petiscoes for those who are tired of chouriço and sardinhas. (Better make a reservation.) – Alfredo

Runner-Up: Toca da Raposa – Senhor Santos

Best Cocktail: The Wasabi Martini, the exquisitely nuanced concoction that is a balm for your bad mood and horrible relationship status, at Ajitama Ramen Bistro (which serves some kick-ass ramen to boot). – O Vadio

Best Italian-Style Aperitivo: Tasca Mastai. The extensive and reasonably-priced choice of Aperol and Campari-based drinks of this Bairro Alto bar make the joy of every Italian ex-pat. Their mouthwatering focaccia bread with various fillings is so good, your aperitivo will easily turn into a full-on dinner. – Daria (Editors’ note: Daria is Italian, so you can trust her, and if you wonder why her name is Russian, well, it’s because she speaks Russian fluently, silly!)

Best Mixmaster: Filipe at House of Corto Maltese. We bow to a man who can add chantilly cream to a mezcal-based cocktail and make it work, as he does every single time we’ve said, “I’m not sure, but I’m sort of in the mood for…” – O Vadio

Best Wine Bar: French Arth. It’s is a great wine bar if you’re looking for something fancy, or just decent, in the Santos area. The way all the customers look down at you when you enter and leave makes you feel like you really are in France. Bonus points for it being next to the fabulous Palavra de Viajante bookstore. – Eden

Best Fancy BarFoxtrot. Delivering the same impeccable experience since the 1980s! – Roxy

Runner-Up: Java Rooftop

Best Craft Beer Bar: Crafty Corner. It’s back and now located right next to the Sé. Same good beer and good people, new fancy location. Thank god! We missed it. – Senhor Santos

Best Place to Dance: Quinta do Mira Tejo for Open-Air Harbour Events. If you can figure out how to get there, the estate’s front garden has one of the best views of Lisbon and Sintra. Harbour events offer great electronic music and an awesome laid-back vibe. Definitely worth it for the day parties and to stick around for the stunning sunsets. -Daria 


Club Noir: You know, away from the same trendy stuff, but good for dancing all night long. And yes, heavy metal nights, too. – Alfredo

Bus Paragem

Best Place to Catch Up with Your Influencer Mates: The rooftop bar on top of Tivoli hotel on Avenida Liberdade, Seen (yes, that’s the actual name). – O Vadio

Best Place to Pick Up Men, Gay and/or Straight and/or Other: Casa Independente brings together an eclectic and attractive crowd. Lots of tall people, lots of dirty dancing, good chocolate cake… what more can you ask for? – Roxy

Best Small Music Venue: Titanic remains the go-to place for everyone from punk rockers to jazz aficionados to those who simply believe that nightlife doesn’t start until most people have gone to bed. A friendly door policy, attentive bartenders, varied and discerning selection of live music acts and DJs, and just the right amount of danger. – O Vadio




Best Place to Risk Getting COVID, Possibly Again: Crew Hassan. If you know, you know. – Roxy

Runner-Up: Desterro

Best Place to Remain Alone While Surrounded by Strangers: 5A and Incognito are excellent if you just want to keep on dancing after all your friends checked out. – Roxy

Best Open Mic: Shaka’s Open Mic at Camones Cinebar. For nearly 100 Tuesdays now, multi-talented Lisbon-native and host in cool hat Shaka has been inviting performers of “all arts and ages” — veteran, newcomer, and other — to do their thing for the world to see. He has thus provided many of Lisbon’s most talented artists and musicians their first chance to shine (including The Tourorists! (Editors’ note: Naked self-promotion here by Bogdan)) while at the same time staying true to the original spirit of open mic, with plenty of doses of awkwardness and silence. And what started out as a humble, mostly empty weekly event four years ago has now grown into a beautiful monster of creativity and sharing, with a consistently full house throughout 2021. Sign up a few days in advance if you want a chance to shine too, and get there early if you just want to watch. Oh, and try the pizza. – Bogdan Kamuta

Best Outdoor Spot to Have Drinks Without a Bar Tab: Tapada das Necessidades remains a top spot for meeting friends for a few cans, with benches looking out over the park and a friendly atmosphere even as evening creeps in. Also, if you decide to splash some cash after a while, Quimera Brewpub is just outside, along with a handful of great restaurants. – Eden


Campo dos Mártires da Pátria

Gulbenkian gardens

On That Note, Best Public Toilet That Hasn’t Been Closed or Requires Payment: Ha! That was a trick question! There are almost none left in Lisbon, all we can think of are the ones at the bottom of Parque Eduardo VII and inside the Belem ferry terminal. That’s a looooong walk. For the boys, of course, there are the urinois by the Castelo and in Marvila. Talk to your local politician and tell them the city smells like pee. – O Vadio


Best Bookshop for English-Language Books: Bookshop Bivar, according to most Atlas contributors, remains the undisputed number-one, and not because it’s some huge private-equity-funded to-do, but because of Eduarda and her team, and the choices they make for the books that end up here and the welcome they give to anyone coming in. And we really mean anyone: you should see some of the characters that end up in the store — we’re looking at you, Peter and Bogdan. – O Vadio

Best Bookshop In General: Distopia. Located on Rua de São Bento, this bookshop is a gem. It has a wide variety of selections and offers an English section, and besides that, it doubles as a music shop. They stock a relatively small but diverse selection of vinyl, I purchased some of my favorite albums and the best gifts I have given my partner there. – Gloria


Palavra de Viajante. A book store that specializes in travel books — the how-tos, the been-theres, the ones with photograpy and the ones with rhyme, in several languages, laid out ingenuously for your browsing pleasure. It was a place many of us returned to over and over during the months that turned into years of not being able to get out of the country very much. – O Vadio

Bertrand Picoas

Best Place to Buy a Gift: ChadDo Design: a mug is not just a mug. Made in Portugal. Limited and numbered editions. And much more. – Alfredo

Best Record Shop: – Glam-o-Rama

Best Store to Get Ingredients for an Extraordinary Meal: Sapato Verde. My personal favorite is the tinned jackfruit to try and replicate the famous pulled jackfruit crepes of Sama Sama lore. – Eddie

Best Wool Shop: Tricot Lás in Ericeira & Mafra. They are both worth the visit even if you can’t tie a knot. – Eddie

Editors’ note: Eddie obviously believes in shopping therapy.

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Health, Because COVID

Best Place to Get a COVID Test: A large number of local neighborhood pharmacies offer rapid antigen tests, and hear this, they’re free! Stop by your local pharmacy and ask if they offer the test or look up places that offer the service near you here. – Gloria


The privacy of your own home with a pharmacy test. Just follow the instructions and make sure to get the stick way up the nostril. Getting goo from the first nostril is bad, and getting the stick in on the second nostril with goo from the first one is incredibly disgusting, but it has to be done if you want to get out and about. – Denise

COVID test center in Campo Pequeno: no huge lines, fast result in your email inbox. Good luck! – Alfredo
Editor’s note:the website often goes down, but just look for “Campo Pequeno” when it doesn’t.

Cruz Vermelha in Lumiar. It’s a bit cheaper than the others, but most of all, it’s the place we’ve always gotten a spot for the next day. – Maria

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Best Place to Get the COVID Vaccine: Pavilhao Desportivo de Mafra. Get jabbed in the ocean breeze! – Maria

Runner-Up: It is not just about the place but also about getting the appointment right and going at the right time. Cidade Universitária works well and has plenty of room indoors and outdoors to breathe without having to worry too much. – Denise

Best Centro de Saúde: One does not choose a Centro de Saúde, but is registered according to your area of residence. But it is true that not all are the same: some are more modern and better equipped than others, and management systems also vary… USF Tejo in Moscavide is a good example of a modern well-run place, for those who are lucky to be registered there. – Denise

Runner-Up: Sete Rios! It’s one of the few with emergency service. – Maria

Technology, Because Everyone Had to

Best Platform to Connect Virtually:  Webex and Teams work fine, but it is not just about the platform, it’s how it is used. Some important tips:  Make sure you look acceptable and have your camera at the right angle. You may have people on the other side using their phones, who will see very little of you, or people using a giant screen in a conference room, who will see every single nose hair magnified 10 times. Not fun. Also, make sure you have no echo in the room. Statement of the year across platforms was, “Can you please mute yourself?” – Denise

Runner-Up: Whatsapp. For those, like me, who are not into Face-timing and all. – Maria

Best Place to Escape Zoom, Facetime, Google Meet et al: Implicating a change in clothes (depending on what you wear to bed, of course, and brushing teeth…), Monsanto has 42 km of trails. – Denise


Best Place to Get Film Developed: Carmencita Film Lab in LX Factory is the go-to spot for developing film in Lisbon. They develop color rolls onsite but send black and white film to their lab in Valencia. Either way, you generally receive extremely high-quality scans in no time at all. This is also the place to buy film (35mm and 120). – Eden
(I would not let anyone else in a 500-mile radius handle my precious films! – Roxy)

Best Prop-Rental Shop: Armazem da Madalena is a sort of mecca for film and production crews Lisbon-wide. They pack a mean mix of… well, everything you can think of for a movie, event, or photoshoot! They have about 500 old lamps to choose from; no less than 10 mannequins to suit whatever needs; and all sorts of oddities. You never know what you’re going to find there. Be warned though, they are religious about the scheduling. Under no circumstances dare to show up WITHOUT an appointment, or at another hour than the one agreed. They will raise hell for it (and let’s just say that you might end up paying the moving truck people for two-three hours extra. Ouch!) – Roxy

Best Contender to End Up in All the Magazines as the Next Hip Neighborhood: Alcântara, just a stone’s throw away from Santos (the French capital of Lisbon). Over the past couple of years, it’s quickly swapped decaying shop fronts for tasteful interior design stores, specialty coffee shops, and interesting little artistic/community spaces. Not to mention all the iconic tascas and classic seafood restaurants are now sided by craft breweries, awesome Italian restaurants, and fresh baguettes. – Roxy



Best Place to Hide Away from Humanity As Everyone Turns Into a Zombie: Take a walk inMonsanto. It’s big enough that you can wander for hours and it feels far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It´s easy to access, has loads of running tracks, a couple of climbing spots, and outdoor grilling stations! – Eddie

Runner-up: MixMarkt. The Eastern European food store on Avenida Brasil has an incredible selection of canned veggies, dried fish, Soviet Union chocolates, booze (I’m looking at you, Nemiroff honey and pepper vodka), and frozen dumplings (pelmeni and their vegetarian cousins vareniki) that will have you waiting out the zombie apocalypse in a well-stocked environment. – Ellis

Best Place to Remind Yourself Why You Moved to Lisbon: All of it, under bright sunlight. Go down Avenida da Liberdade, turn left to Largo de S. Domingos, and enter the São Domingos Church, which burned in 1959 and was left as it was after the fire. Creepy, but impressive. – Denise

On Key

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