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Bistro Edelweiss

Proper fondue, excellent wine, and super service in a cozy hug of a restaurant

R. de São Marçal 2
Príncipe Real
930 414 725, website
Daily, 18h – 24h

We came for the fondue and we were not disappointed! The cheese was creamy, the bread for dipping was properly cubed, the presunto fumado was ripe for the dipping, and the side of truffle oil was strong but gave an interesting twist. The sides we chose to accompany the meal added expert bursts of flavor to our already fantastic cheese-sperience. The raclette cheese over potatoes and peppers is not to be missed (yes…more cheese!), nor is the mushroom vol au vent served warm in a puffed pastry. The green asparagus soup was creamy and fresh, and would have gone well with the Stroganoff, had we had any room left! The service was very friendly and personal. We can’t wait to go back for round two!

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