Bragança Is Offering Free Housing in May to Selected Digital Nomads

Find Your Greatness in Bragança, you nomad, you.

Bragança has historically been considered one of the more remote cities in Portugal, but today, you can consider it as a rent-free home base for a month, thanks to a new initiative called “Bragança. Liberdade para Recomeçar” (Freedom to Begin Again), launched just this week. If selected, you can call yourself a “Brigantino” for the whole of the month of May.

Inspired by the mass telecommuting and renewed interest in Portugal’s interior that have been brought on by COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, the new project invites digital nomads to see what life is like in Trás-os-Montes and to find out how strong the internet signal is on a day-to-day basis. And it’s all for free, wi-fi included. 

As part of the EU-funded URBACT Cooperation Program – Find Your Greatness — a brand-building program for smart cities — the initiative is meant to encourage new interest in the region and promote education and skill advancement for its residents, mainly in the area of sustainable development. Registration for the program is open to both families and individuals. 

On the municipality’s website, the Mayor of Bragança, Hernâni Dias says, “Through this project, we intend to reveal the quality of life that Bragança has to offer to those who choose to live and work here and show that it is possible to be connected with the working world while at the same time enjoying the inviting territory as you take a break and/or disconnect from the hectic pace of everyday life.” 

The remote region Trás-os-Montes (literally, “Behind the Mountains”) is best-known for flavorful olive oil, delicious meat dishes, wacky masked caretos, Montesinho Natural Park, ancient ruins, and its proximity to Spain, so it doesn’t seem like too bad a deal if you don’t need to be in the office in May. Oh, and Brangança’s city hall has promised a welcome basket filled with regional products and some assorted vouchers redeemable at several Bragança attractions — a win-win to anyone who isn’t vegetarian or lactose-intolerant.

The four winners will be selected on April 10 and given the choice to live in the city of Bragança, or in one of three yet-to-be-named villages within the municipality. Aside from living and working in the city, participants in the program will be asked to tweet, post, and/or insta- their experience, and allow a documentary film crew to check in on them now and again.

Still interested? You can apply HERE until 23h59 on March 30. There are only 16 blanks to fill in, and most of them are your name, address, and links to your social media.

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