Updated June 2022

Need new gear? You don’t have go online for your ropes, draws, or cams, or your surf board, sex wax, and leash. There are spots around Lisbon that can help you get on the rock, or on the waves, sooner than you think.

Climbing Equipment in Lisbon

climbing gear

Yupik, a great, big, professional space with a wide selection, at its new location, Av. Infante Dom Henrique 1678 Lisboa 1950-273 Portugal. Yupik is also great for kayakers. 

Decathlon over in Alfragide/Amadora is a wonderland for sports gear, and they some of the necessary basics for sport climbing (on a May 2018 visit, the trad gear — cams, nuts, etc. — was gone). Address: Estrada do Monte da Cabreira 1/1A, 2610-017 Amadora. No car? Take the 714 bus over here.

NEW. Fortunately, if you’re already at Decathlon, you can pick up cams and pretty much everything else you’ll need for trad and sport climbing at the nearby newly opened OutPro Store at Zona Comercial de Alfragide (Junto à rotunda da Makro) Edf. Home Space – Av. dos Cavaleiros, nº 72 2790 – 045 Carnaxide. 

– Most SportZone locations will have some basic climbing equipment – think chalk, maybe a few leftover quickdraws, and, if you’re lucky, a rope. The closest one to Lisbon city center is in the Amoreiras shopping mall (you can get here bus or walk over from Marques Pombal in about 10-15 minutes). Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco 2037, 1070-103 Lisboa. There are plenty of others — just check their website, they want to sell you something.

Where to climb?

Surfing Gear in Lisbon

Photo by Patricia Imbarus

Portugal has many outstanding surf board shapers, and getting a custom board from a shop in Peniche, Nazare or Ericeira can turn out cheaper than a generic board back home. It’s worth the trip.

Closer to Lisbon, the best selection of new and used surf boards is in Costa da Caparica (see how to get there on our Surfing page). Atlas’ favorite by far is Samadi aka Costa da Caparica Surf Center at Avenida General Humberto Delgado 39 (DIRECTIONS) – pro staff, great selection, decent prices. Their website? Not so much. And, like everything else in life, if you want something, you get it – they’ll tell you they’ll call when something becomes available. But they won’t.

In Carcavelos, Francisco runs the excellent DingIt shop inside the Carcavelos Surf Hostel at Rua da Beira 8, Junqueiro (DIRECTIONS), which has new custom boards, fixed and shined used boards, and accessories, mostly by small local companies. The selection is small, but you’ll likely find what you need in a few days if you ask. And Francisco or one of his colleagues will call you for sure.

In Lisbon, an inexpensive option for shorter boards, body boards, wet suits, booties, leashes, and sex wax is Decathlon, mentioned above.  SportZone may or may not have what you need, you just never know.

For used gear, especially if you need a shorter board, you can get outstanding bargains at one of the Cash Converters pawn shops (no link – their website never works and they are not on Google Maps…) DIRECTIONS for the one in Rato. DIRECTIONS for the one near Corte Ingles.

You can also get great deals on used surfing, body-boarding, and kiting gear online at olx.pt.

The chain Ericeira Surf & Skate shops, while tempting, are more  “lifestyle stores” – for people that want to have sex with surfers rather than for actual surfers – but they do occasionally carry a few items and can be found in pretty much every shopping mall from here to Belarus. They certainly carry cute bikinis and board shorts.

Where to Surf?


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