Cabana do Pescador

Sit down for a savory snack of clams in bulhão pato sauce

Av. do Mar
Foz do Arelho
262 979 451, website
Tue – Sun, 12h – 16h; 19h – 22h30

This beachside restaurant is basic except for the fish on a slab nearby a huge central fountain lined with crustaceans and all sorts of strange sea creatures. Although it’s not the cheapest place, it’s a really good spot to go for at least a snack if not the full dinner menu. Sitting outside in the summer is a bit hot during the day, but perfect at night. Wherever you decide to set up shop, start with a bottle of vinho verde, and go for the cataplana of shrimp if you’re hungry and aren’t dining solo. The grilled salmonetas are expertly prepared, as are the chocos in ink, but here, it’s difficult to go wrong.


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