RIP – Cafe da Vila

Well-made pizzas at a decent price.

Well-made pizzas at a decent price

Calçada Pelourinho, 8
219 241 174
Mon – Thu, 12h – 1h; Fri – Sat, 12h – 2h; Sun, 12h – 1h

After a long day of rock climbing on the mountain under the Moorish Castle, we tend to crave pizza and beer. There are many places in Sintra that can help us there, but they all seem to be teeming with tourists. This corner spot has a local vibe and outdoor seating allows for much-needed ventilation, and they don’t seem to mind us showing up with grimey hands to wash up in the bathroom. It’s only a 10-minute up-tempo walk from the train station, so we generally hang here until the last minute before catching the train back to LX. This bar offers the typical Sagres and Super Bock, but they also carry Carlsberg, Heinekin, Corona, and even Budweiser for those weak moments of American nostalgia. The staff is friendly, the interior is charming, the prices are reasonable, and the pizza is consistently good. What’s not to like?

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