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Café do Paço

One of the best steaks in Lisbon, after your ring the bell

Rua do Paço da Rainha, 62A
+351 218 880 185, no website
Mon – Fri, 18h – 2h; Sun, closed *Holiday closures are typically without warning. Call ahead.

Café do Paço harks back to a time when waiters received training on opening wine bottles first and making fancy cocktails second, and wore suits instead of tattoos and suspenders.

Inside — which you’ll have to ring the bell to get into — it’s like time stopped at some point many decades ago when smoking was cool and ordering a martini or two before lunch was de riguer. Red velvet couches, booths for a bit of privacy, a wide-ranging wine list, excellent, attentive, and yet incredibly friendly service, and, of course, the steaks.

The staff know what you want somehow without you even saying it, but feel free to indicate that you want a thick cut, or what they call here estilo inglês. They’re not cheap, and if you opt to follow up your meal with a glass or two from their careful selection of single malts, be prepared to eat in for a few weeks. But for a celebration with a small group of friends with a reason to dress up, or an intimate classy date, this place is perfect. Reservations occasionally necessary, but not always.

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