Campo Mártires da Pátria

A great place to pick up chicks, a lemonade, and a basketball game.

A great place to pick up chicks, a lemonade, and a basketball game.

Campo Mártires da Pátria

This park in Arroios has a kiosk, many shaded park benches lining the sidewalks, lots of green space to sunbathe with a book, roaming clucking chickens and roosters searching for crumbs, and the most accessible basketball court in central Lisbon that doubles as a space for footie matches.The surrounding green spaces and large trees in buzzing downtown Lisbon make for great scenery but unfortunately, despite the prime location, the hoops are beat up and unloved. Just note that the crooked, net-less rims make it a less-than-ideal place to play if you like watching your shots swoosh.

Note: The mosquito-shaped fruit juice kiosk (really!) is open daily from 10h30 – 24h.

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