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Casa da India

Big traditional Portuguese dishes, awesome steampunk barstools, and awesome prices

Rua do Loreto, 49-51
+351 213 423 661, website
Daily, 12h – 02h

It might not look like much at first glance, but the long-dedicated regulars can’t have been wrong all these years. What originally caught our eye were the metal barstools at the counter situated above a raised platform. It might take some balance to get up there, but once you do you won’t want to go. What began as a simple copo do vinho quickly escalated into a full plate of their specialty pernil (pork shank) as we watched the grill-master do his thing to the left of the counter in front of the window. It’s nothing fancy, it’s just consistently good (and shareable as the plates are enormous). If you stick to what the locals eat, you’ll be joyously full and questioning the low price of the bill when it comes, depending on when you finally gather the strength or motivation to decide to leave.

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