RIP – Casa Dos Amigos do Minho

One of the best terraces in Lisbon and superb Portuguese dishes

One of the best terraces in Lisbon and superb Portuguese dishes

Rua do Benformoso 244-1
+351 218 862 667
Mon – Thu, 10h – 24h; Fri – Sat, 10h – 2h; Sun, 10h – 24h

It might not draw you in with fancy flashing lights or even an in-your-face sign reminding folks that it exists, but once you’re inside you won’t forget where to find it for your inevitable return.  Aside from serving some of the most delicious bacalhau (cod) in the neighborhood, they’ve got a great recipe for the beef lombo com castanhas (loin with chestnuts) that will melt in your mouth. Keep in mind, the menu changes daily, so these items might not be available when you decide to venture there. You can count on cooked-to-perfection sides to accompany your main dish and some pretty stellar desserts to wrap things up. The lovely green-canopied terrace out back is a fantastic spot to wow a group of friends with some cheap al-fresco dining.


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