Casa Mocambo

For a taste of the ex-colonies with a side of art, try this spot out.

Rua do Vale de Santo António 122A
Santa Engrácia

912 509 906, website
Mon, closed; Tue – Fri, 9h – 13h, 18h – 24h; Sat, 12h – 2h; Sun, 12h – 24h

This restaurant prides themselves on serving creative Luso-fusion cuisine, in other words, dishes from the old Portuguese colonies and traditional Portuguese recipes re-imagined with Brazilian or Guinea-Bissouan ingredients. Go for the food, a chat with the owner, or for the events that this place hosts, like exhibitions of works by folks such as the São Toméan artist Valdemar Dória, live music performances, and more. It’s a cultural space that serves up fun on the floor and magic on the plate. If you came to eat, go for the traditional Angolan moamba or the Moçambican steak served with sweet potatoes, fried manioc (cassava), and black beans and you won’t be sorry. At times the service can be on the slow side, but it’s worth the wait.

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