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ModaLisboa 2019: Insights from Joana Jorge

March 7, 2019

ModaLisboa is gearing up for their newest Fall/Winter incarnation entitled “Insight.” We caught up with project director Joana Jorge to get the inside scoop.

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The Thirteen Best Markets In Lisboa

December 7, 2018

Not all Lisbon markets are created equal, nor are the vendors who comprise them. Here’s where to go if you’re keen for a stroll as you shop or bargaining before you buy.

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The Futures of Lisbon: A Concerned Immigrant’s Preview.

August 28, 2018

Futuros de Lisboa is a unique interactive multimedia art exhibit composed of photographs, essays, videos, illustrations, and all sorts of weirdness, compiled by professionals in various fields, academics, artists, and regular citizens of Lisbon. The show examines one simple question that is on the mind of anyone who lives here: “What comes next for this magical little town?”

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Canning with style: A Q&A with Gémeo Luís of José Gourmet

August 23, 2018

Luís Mendonça, aka Geméo Luís, is the illustrator and curator behind the well-known and -loved sea creatures on the tins of seafood by the company José Gourmet. I caught up with Mendoça to learn more about the fish, the characters, and, of course, the man. The José brand is best known for its canned seafood, but was that […]

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MAAT Museum

February 19, 2018

Modern art like Portugal has never seen it before, with an additional focus on architecture and technology.

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