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Hear from the people that make Lisbon jive.

Seventeen Restaurants Deep: A Q&A with Chef José Avillez

August 13, 2018

José Avillez isn’t slowing down his quest to maintain his reign as the king of cuisine in Lisbon (and Portugal). Here’s what we found out about what makes him tick.

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A Q&A with Claudio Carbone: Director of Another Lisbon Story

August 10, 2018

“Another Lisbon Story” follows the community that makes up Bairro da Torre — a Lisbon favela — and their active participation in the future of their neighborhood. Director, Claudio Carbone, who was kind enough to answer some questions for Atlas.

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Lisboa Limpa: Minimising Lisbon’s Plastic Waste, One Cup at a Time

July 25, 2018

Bianca Beyer, founder of Lisboa Limpa, is aiming to eradicate the use of disposable plastic cups in Lisbon bars and replace them with reusable ones.

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A Q&A With David Holyoake, Founder of the English Piano Studio in Lisbon

July 11, 2018

Australian piano teacher David Holyoake has long had dream of moving to Lisbon because it has “retained its vibrant and poetic soul in the face of modernity.” That sounded familiar, so we interviewed the man about his new music school here.

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A Q & A with Street Artist Gonçalo MAR

June 18, 2018

Gonçalo Ribeiro, or Gonçalo MAR, as he is better known, took a can of spray paint one night and made his graffiti debut on the side of an abandoned medical center on the beach when he was quite young. The building might have been demolished ages ago, but that stroke made a lasting impression on the […]

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Fábrica da Pólvora: The Explosive New Art Scene in Oeiras

June 11, 2018

Who would have thought that eight stops from Lisbon’s Rossio station in Barcarena, there’s a city of artist studios that laughs in the face of the co-working space concept, a green space, a killer buffet-style restaurant, an outdoor amphitheater, and an archeological museum all in the same complex?

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José Cardigos Bastos: Behind the Tints and Varnishes

May 11, 2018

The Lisbon-born artist José Cardigos Bastos just finished his most recent exhibition Tintas & Vernizes at the Espaço Cultural Mercês Gallery in Príncipe Real, a small and curious space managed by the Junta Freguesia Misericordia. It took him just over five months to produce all but one of the paintings for the show, which is no […]

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