Cerveja Portuguesa Artesanal: The Ultimate Guide

Craft Beers in Portugal! Many of them. All with their own character, story, and, of course, REAL flavor.

Here in Portugal, they say you’re either Sagres or you’re Super Bock. But what if you’re neither? What if you want an IPA? Turns out, there’s over a dozen made right here in Portugal. And the scene is growing. From two bars in town offering these scrumptious suds, there are now many. Here’s a list.

Cerveteca (Principe Real)
Crafty Corner (Cais do Sodré)
Outro Lado Lisboa (formerly Lisbeer) (Baixa)
Beer Station (Baixa)
Museu da Cerveja (Centro)
Moules and Beer (Campo de Ourique)
Duque Beer (Bairro Alto)
Chimera Brewpub (Alcântara)
Trobadores (Baixa)
Dois Corvos Tap Room (Beato)
Fábrica Musa(Beato)
Pistáchio (São Pedro de Sintra) RIP July 2020
Grémio (Santos) RIP September 2016

Too much choice? Check out our favorite 9 places in town to get your draft on HERE.


The craft cerveja champs show up in the unlikeliest of places sometimes, but more and more Portugal’s independent brewers are coming to the front lines. Look behind the bar and ask the bartender about that beautifully designed bottle hiding between Heineken and Carlsberg. It’s made in Portugal. From Portuguese hops and barley. By Portuguese badasses. You should try it.

Atlas was thirsty, and we found these majestic brews hiding out in little shops and the more adventurous bars in Lisboa – but why stop there? We talked to the homegrown spirits behind the beers and found out their histories, their favorite craft beer bars in Lisbon, and how you can visit their factories. Read it here.


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