Coaches Museum

The garage that dreams are made of

The garage that dreams are made of

National Coach Museum: €8; Royal Riding School: €4; +65 years: 50% Discount; Students: 50% Discount; Youth Card: 50% Discount; Family (4 or more): 50% Discount

Av. da Índia 136
210 732 319, website
Tue – Sun, 10h – 18h

Recently moved from the very cool, very antique carriage house called Picadeiro Real (which currently houses a separate exhibit), The Coaches Museum’s new uber-modern home across the street is surprisingly exciting. It has one of the finest collections of historical carriages in the world, and it shows. Seeing ornate modes of transport owned by the royal family time-warps you back to the years before sky-high petrol prices and leaves you feeling like the fuel-efficient Fiat in your garage just isn’t cutting mustard. Neither is your garage, for that matter.

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