Cockpit Bar

A tiny gin bar with an elegant menu and some of the best oysters in town

Av. Sacadura Cabral 18, 1000-274 Lisboa | +351 217 967 856
Campo Pequeno 
Mon – Fri, 18h – 2h; Sat, 20h – 2h; Sun, Closed

If you like oysters and gin, then we’ve got a treat for you. Cockpit is a hidden pearl of a bar / restaurant very near Campo Pequeno arena that makes you feel as if you’re part of an elite social club where everyone is welcome. From the tiny size of the space, you’d never guess that the petiscos list would be as long and varied as it is, nor would you assume the wine would be as legit. We recommend the beefy Naco á Cockpit and the divine Mexilhão á Cockpit — that is, if you’re still hungry beyond the essential oysters and accompanying tiborna (bread, olives, and tuna paté). You know you’ve found something special when the hours tick by and you feel as if you have only just arrived!

Pro Tip: If you really want to annoy the staff, ask for Gordon’s or Beefeater, as the specialty of the house is its top-notch gin.

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