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The House of Quarantine: An Atlas Contributor’s Invitation to Color Outside the Lines

Since the start of the pandemic, crosswords, sudoku, chess, and the like have been great for keeping minds occupied while relaxing and/or avoiding reading the news. However, sometimes you need something a little less mentally stimulating and a little more meditative, and yoga just ain’t cutting it. Atlas contributor Emily D’Silva decided to do something about that. She says, “I noticed how the attitudes of people have been so manipulated by the overload of anxiety-inducing media…as a result, fear, frustration, and hopelessness have spread even more quickly than the coronavirus itself.”

D’Silva wanted to create something to combat the overwhelming negativity that we are facing and to help to deal with the stress and boredom of staying at home, so she created a printable coloring book entitled “The House of Quarantine” downloadable at that link.

“Each design has a message and a gentle suggestion about positive ways to spend your time at home. Each room is populated with things that are known to bring people joy, like plants, music, and games. And for people that know me, they might be able to spot some personal quirks that I threw in, such as the bottle of wine from Alentejo, because wine from this region is my absolute favorite.”

Emily and Atlas would love to hear your thoughts and see your colorful masterpieces, so please share them on Instagram or Twitter, tagging us @_emilydsilva and @atlaslisboa. Happy coloring!

Check out Emily’s website while you’re at it— there’s loads more to explore!

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