A wardrobe mirror hides the entrance to this imaginative restaurant and bar.

Rua Luciano Cordeiro 81 C, Marquês de Pombal, Lisboa | +351 213 140 068 | website
Marquês de Pombal 
Mon, closed; Tue – Sat, 17h30 – 1h; Sun, closed

From the cotton candy martini — with legit cotton-candy topping — to the gin basil cocktail with its unbelievably fresh garnish, this bar is well worth the trip, but Atlas urges you not to stop there. Continue through the looking glass (quite literally) into the Mediterranean-inspired restaurant space where you will find nothing short of a wonderland for your eyes and stomach. Relax in an antique leather theater seat and leaf through the novel menu (again, quite literally) chapter by chapter. Begin with an inspirational quote from Salvador Dalí and select a starter or two to kick things off right. We recommend the Italian croquettes, whether meat-stuffed or vegetarian, and panko pickles. Move forward to a little mezze from chapter one and ask for extra flatbread to make the most of it. Turn the page to their fantastic beef tartare, or go for the scrumptious cheese focaccia if raw meat isn’t your thing. Slide into the epilogue and get the fig panna cotta or, if you’re wondering what the future will hold, order the fortune cookie and find out. An excellent wine list, top-notch beer menu, and super-helpful staff add to the ambiance, which is just the right mix of eccentricity and speakeasy style. Not to be missed!


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