Fifth Case of Coronavirus in Portugal, One in Lisbon

There’s at least one confirmed case in Lisbon - and still no cause to panic.

See the most recent developments here.

March 4: TVI is reporting Portugal’s latest coronavirus case, bringing the total in the country to five. There’s at least one confirmed case in Lisbon.

And there’s still no cause to panic.

The most recent case is a 44-year-old man who came from Italy, who’s in stable condition hospitalized at Hospital de São João in Porto, according to the TV channel, which confirmed the case with Direção-Geral da Saúde. It’s unclear whether the man is a Portuguese national or a visitor.

The first two cases were confirmed Monday, March 2: a 60-year-old doctor who came back from Italy, who’s currently at Hospital de Santo António in Porto, and a 33-year-old man who came back from work in Valencia, Spain, according to TVI. You can read more about the cases, as well as about recommended precautions, here.

Health authorities confirmed two more cases Tuesday: two men, 60 and 37 years old, who had contact with the first two cases, according to TVI. The younger man is hospitalized here in Lisbon, in Hospital Curry Cabral, while the older man is in Porto’s Hospital de São João.

Portugal now has 101 suspected coronavirus cases, and so far no deaths, according to a Tuesday bulletin from DGS.

More than 94,200 people have been infected in at least 77 countries, meanwhile, according to the New York Times. In all, 3,214 deaths have been linked to the virus, but 51,026 people have recovered from it, according to Live Science.

Around 3.4% of reported coronavirus cases have so far resulted in death, compared to fewer than 1% killed by the far more widespread annual seasonal flu, the World Health Organization’s Director-General said yesterday, adding that the spread of the virus can be contained.

DGS puts out bulletins about the coronavirus in Portugal around 18h every day, although it skipped March 2. You can find them here.

As a final word, here’s a short clip about Chinese students in Lisbon who are putting themselves in voluntary quarantine after traveling to their home country — all for the sake of protecting the health of their adoptive home:

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