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We want to celebrate the smaller, perhaps less advertised businesses employing Lisboetas braving the streets and keeping these restaurants open.

Don’t let coronavirus stop you from eating something tasty that you didn’t have to make yourself. After all, if you can’t have Georgian khachapuri and Japanese ramen brought to your doorstep, then COVID-19 has won.

Perhaps more important than filling your beautiful belly is making sure that some of the city’s best little restaurants don’t have to close doors forever.

We want to celebrate the smaller, perhaps less advertised businesses employing Lisboetas braving the streets and keeping these restaurants open.

“Uberona” by Bogdan Kamuta



Dona Beija 

Brazilian food! There are daily lunch menus available at €10 for dish & drink. Wine and beer are also being delivered for free. Order through Facebook, Instagram, or phone at 21 357 0135.

Treestory Restaurant 

Salads, Khachapuri (Georgian pies), Georgian style soups, and even pizza. They will deliver minimum orders of 30€. The delivery is free if you live less than 3km away and it costs between 4-8 € if you live further away than that. They are located near Marques de Pombal/Avenida. Send your order by text to 911 924 393 (Whatsapp).

Attla Restaurant 

Organic seasonal contemporary European food like curry, rabbit, squid, pork, and more. The restaurant is in Alcântara and they’re making deliveries in Lisboa and Cascais as well (with different fees, of course).

Restaurante Vintte Oito Lisboa

A selection of traditional Portuguese dishes from bacalhau á brás to carne de porco alentejana. Desserts are also available. Call 961 668 685 to place your order.

Remi Coffee and Wine 

Italian sweets, pastries, focaccia sandwiches, and more. You can also shop for proper pasta to make at home and even some grappa to wash it down. The minimum order for delivery to anywhere in Lisbon is 20€. Order through the website.

Cafe Boavida 

Good healthy food made by good people in the São Bento neighborhood. They post the daily menu on Instagram and you can direct-message them or call 912 109 967 to place an order.

Ajitama Ramen Bistro 

Japanese cuisine, most notably: ramen. There’s free delivery with a minimum order of €15. Call 967 761 997 to get started.

DaVito Restaurante Italiano 

Italian cuisine and one of Atlas’ favorite pizzas in town. There’s free delivery on orders above €8.50. Delivery times run from 12h to 15h and 18h to 23h. Call them at 218 155 592 or 211 508 329 to place your order.

Mercado de Algés 

Burgers, steaks, fish, and traditional Portuguese dishes. Open from 10h until 22h30. Contact them by phone at 914 497 005 or 914 497 006 to place your order.


Straight up thin-crust pizza. This Portuguese-owned chain has several locations around the Lisbon and Cascais areas and offers free delivery to both.

Gelato Davvero

Italian Gelato. Same-day delivery for most Lisbon neighborhoods and next-day delivery for the greater Lisbon region. Payment only with MBway or Visa. Contact them online or by phone at 935 444 707.


A100 Burgers Lisbon (Laranjeiras+ only)

Tasty burgers! But they won’t just deliver anywhere. They’re based in Laranjeiras so put in your zip on their website to see if they’ll bring you your burger.

Sopa no Pão (Campo Pequeno only)

Exactly what it says in the name: a variety of soups and dishes served in Alentejana bread. Home delivery in the Campo Pequeno area Mondays 8h to 16h and Tuesday through Saturday 8h to 23h. Call 218 281 924 or email

Marisqueira Furia do Mar (Campo do Ourique only)

Seafood dishes like stuffed crab, huge prawns, and whatever fresh catch catches your fancy. Free delivery, only in the Campo do Ourique area between 12h and 23h. Call 213 865 269.

Selva Lisboa (Alcântara only)

Coffee, salads, sandwiches, and pastries to people in Alcântara. For home delivery, it’s only for people around 10-minute walking distance, so if you live within the area, you’re in luck! They also have a plan where you can load money onto an account and then every day at some time they will have the coffee and food delivered to your doorstep. Order through the website.


Miosotis Bio Restaurant, Cafe, and Market

Vegetarian and pescatarian soups, salads, sandwiches, and natural juices. You can also order grocery products for delivery from the market. Order through the website.

Kitchen Dates

Vegetarian fare made by a zero-waste restaurant using only local, sustainable ingredients. This restaurant in Telheiras/Carnide has a menu that is constantly changing, so check out what’s on offer online. Try their pumpkin soup, waffles, quinoa, or focaccia bread, if they’re on the menu. You can also order products from their mercearia like homemade peanut butter, cured almond cheese, and more. Order through the website.


Dois Corvos Tap Room

Their online shop is delivering beer all around Portugal: 16 different bottles! They are launching a new beer next week that will be released only online called “Come Here Often.” Shipping is free in Lisbon. Order through the website.

Lisbon Beer Department

Eight- and 12-pack selection boxes of four of Marvila’s craft brewers (Musa, Dois Corvos, Bolina, and Lince) delivered to your door. Place your order on the website.

Oitava Colina

A selection of their craft beers brewed in the heart of the Graça neighborhood. Available in boxes of 12 bottles, with free delivery in the Lisbon area. Email

Outro Lado

A selection of local and international craft beers. Call 960 061 470 or message them online to set up your order.

Vinho da Gama

Order a minimum of 10€ from their wine inventory and receive your order in less than two hours.



Our list is in no way complete, but it’s a start. Some other people had the same idea and they are very much worth sharing. Here’s a spreadsheet created by Hora de Encomendar with all businesses offering deliveries. This includes drugstores, markets, bakeries, fishmongers, butchers, and more. Câmara Municipal has also created a map detailing open businesses in the city: some will also offer home deliveries, but this is most useful if you need to get some basic necessities and want to nip out, support local commerce, and not resort to driving or going out of your way to flatten the curve.


Here’s an initiative to protect our favorite restaurants for the future: Another Collective has launched an initiative called #atuamesa that aims to persuade people to buy vouchers in their favorite restaurant, helping them to survive this crisis. In Lisbon, restaurants like FOGO, LOCO, 100 Maneiras, Attla, Kitchen Dates, José Avillez restaurants, and Café com Calma have vouchers, some of them with significant discounts.


You can of course order through an app — their gig economy delivery people would be out of work otherwise. But note that these companies take a cut. Sofia Helena, co-owner of Sama Sama, started researching delivery service providers on March 13 and found out that it’s not quite so simple for business owners…nor is it cheap. (CLOSED IN PORTUGAL APRIL 22) lets you set up your account for free but takes 10% of what you sell on top of charging customers a small delivery fee. Glovo requires a 150€ activation fee to set up your account, takes 32% of the total sale, and charges 1,99€ for delivery service directly to the customers. Lastly, UberEats required a 400€ activation fee, takes 30% of the total sale, and charges €2,99 for delivery service to customers. They also require their own photos of your products for the platform.

Fortunately for local businesses, the large companies are trying to pitch in.

“It’s worth mentioning that today (the 28th) when I checked UberEats’ agreement, I saw they are no longer charging the 400€ activation fee. Maybe due to COVID-19 and a lot of people trying to sign in,” Helena tells Atlas.

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