UPDATED: COVID Vaccine Signups in Portugal Opened to Those 16 and Older

Things are picking up pace!

Update Aug. 22: The signups are now open to anyone 16 years old and up.

Those with a health services number (Numero de Utente) can schedule their first COVID vaccine shot. In Lisbon, available slots are available at around half dozen centers around the city. To sign up, have your utente number ready, head to https://covid19.min-saude.pt/pedido-de-agendamento/ and follow the simple instructions: put in your date of birth to verify eligibility, then your full name and utente number to verify you’re you, and then select the center of your choice. The system will show you the first available date — but it will also let you try another center before committing. In our experience, it’s worth clicking around to see if there’s anything available sooner at a different center.

You’ll have to wait for the health authorities to send you an SMS about your time slot, which you can’t select otherwise. The platform says you should receive something within 72 hours — some report receiving it far sooner, some a bit later (a day or two late).

If you’re not registered with the national health system, you can still register for a vaccine, but the process is different and it’s unclear if health authorities are applying a similar age-based scheduling system. You can learn more here: Illegal Immigrants in Portugal, Those Without SNS Number Can Apply for COVID Vaccine.

Those in their 20s were originally scheduled to start getting vaccinated in August, but the Delta variant has caused health authorities to extend hours and open more vaccination sites to accelerate the drive.

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