RIP – Cozinha Urbana

Friendly cafe/art gallery, inventive food, good prices

Friendly cafe/art gallery, inventive food, good prices

Rua Damasceno Monteiro, 8A
+351 214 412 883
Mon – Tue, closed; Wed – Fri, 19h – 22h30; Sat, 13h – 16h, 19h – 22h30; Sun, 13h-16h

Small but comfortable and roomy restaurant serving an eclectic mix: Thai soup, cured tuna salad, duck breast sandwich, but also a regular steak burger made with the tastiest cow in Portuguese cuisine, the one from Açores. Food’s brought in bamboo steamers, and they have Atlas’ favorite local craft beer, Oitava Colina. Sorry if we drank all the IPA. The view from the two tables on the sidewalk is stupendous. There’s work by local artists on the walls for sale too, and they’re quite good. While this is the opposite of a pretentious hip cafe (Morphine on the stereo!), this place does attract some too-cool-for-school tourists, but you can ignore them as everyone else does.

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