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POETRY | Língua Afiada at Má Língua | Graça | FREE
Jan 25 @ 18:00 – 19:30
POETRY | Língua Afiada at Má Língua | Graça | FREE @ Má Língua | Lisboa | Lisboa | Portugal

Some poets are good, some poets are bad.
Their tongues make you happy, or unintentionally sad.
Some folks are poets and don’t even know it.
More folks aren’t poets, but insist on not knowing it…

Poetry is tricky like that.
If you would like to see some local poetry or something like it, then the appropriately named cultural hub that is Má Língua (“bad tongue” or “bad language”) invites you to Língua Afiada (“sharp tongue”) this Saturday night.

Here’s what they say:
“All words have their weight, where communication between beings tends to be revealed (in) confidences or simply to be insolent. Understanding is not expected on this journey through letters. Spasms, redundant looks, and deep breathing are expected, where heavy lines, these historical ones, will approach everything. Together we have the Sharp Tongue!”

People behind the mic:
Fi Oliveira,
Vanessa Lamounier
Mariana Portela
Gilson Barreto
Eládio Cardoso

There’s also an open mic if you would like to share some of your own words.

Come be inspired, or inspire.
Or just come for the heavy breathing and insolent redundant looks.


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