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Erasmus Lisbon Welcome Day, or How Not to End Up Drinking Alone

Erasmus Lisboa Student Lisbon Welcome Day

You’ve just arrived in Lisbon. You wanted to escape the confines of your university by doing an Erasmus year in the city of seven hills. Right about now, you’re probably wondering what the hell you got yourself into.

Well, perhaps it’s time for a formal introduction.

On September 27 Erasmus Lisbon Welcome Day is taking place to acquaint all you new students with each other and the city. A joint venture between Lisbon City Council and Erasmus Life Lisboa, the one-day event will run from 2pm to 8pm with an afterparty* until 11pm (don’t worry, there will be later parties happening elsewhere). It’s being held at Pátio da Galé and there is set to be dozens of stalls and hundreds of prizes to give away.

Yes, free stuff. You’re a student, they know that.

The event will introduce new Lisbon students to the sports, museums, and tours the city has to offer. Additionally, there will be a full day of performances, which can be seen, heard, or avoided while you peruse the stalls. These include a dance show, maybe your first taste of fado, and even a Portuguese lesson!

All the details and a full (rather fancy) interactive lineup can be found on their website.

If one day of events just isn’t enough for you, fear not. There are hundreds of things happening all over the city every week. And, lucky for you, we curate them on one easy-to-read calendar.

“I don’t want to check a calendar! I want the weekend’s best events delivered right to my phone!”

Settle down, we’ve got that covered too.

When I arrived at university, there was a welcome tour and a meet-and-greet with all the students. I got distracted, missed the start, got lost, and ended up drinking alone in a bar.

Don’t be like me.

If you’re looking for just a plain old non-interactive lineup for Lisbon Welcome Day, here you go.

08:00 Opening of spaces for mounting Stand
12:30 Briefing Lisbon Welcome Day (for entities present with space in Lisbon Welcome Day)
14:00 Opening doors to the public
14:30 Sweepstakes
14:30 Quiz Session – by ESN Lisboa
15:00 Warm-up & Dance Show – by Ana Baltazar
15:30 Sweepstakes
16:00 Erasmus in the first person – by Erasmus National Agency
16:30 Portuguese Lesson – by Professor Pedro Almeida
17:00 Roberto Nardini Aka Popy “the forever Erasmus student”
17:30 Fado Show – by Tininha Alfama
18:00 Sweepstakes
18:15 Welcome to Lisbon Video
18:30 Speech Welcome to Lisbon of the President of CML Dr. Fernando Medina
18:45 Jazz Band Session By Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon
– Diploma Delivery I am Erasmus in Lisbon students
19:00 Get Together Party with live DJ act by DJ Dresh until 23:00

There is a fair chance that this could change. Get used to it, you’re in Lisbon now.

*DJ Desh, who is performing the “afterparty,” plays very nice techno. We recommend that you check him out.

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