The Ethical Assembly: The Sexier Lisbon Summit

Sustainability guru Patricia Imbarus is throwing the kind of party you can't—and shouldn't— miss.

If you’re tired of tech and weary of Web Summit-driven events, sit back and relax — it’s time to let mother Earth take over from the motherboard. Starting on Friday, Nov. 8, and running until Sunday, there’s a way to occupy space on the planet (in Beato) in a more meaningful way than hanging around Expo center studying the impact of “Baby Shark.”

One of the prints on display in the art showcase by Natalia Horinkova Photography

The Ethical Assembly is a project by Lisbon’s favorite sustainability guru, brand strategist, and frequent Atlas collaborator Patricia Imbarus. The event plays host to 40 speakers on climate change, environmental protection, circular design, the sharing economy, ethical fashion, social entrepreneurship, activism, and more. Special guests will include a spectrum of visionaries from London-based impact investors, to fashion tech enablers from Berlin to big-wave surfing legend Garrett McNamara.

Imbarus was inspired to start the Ethical Assembly project as a way to focus on best practices for addressing big problems. The goal is to make working toward a better future seem a little less daunting and a lot more achievable. She says, “We are always hearing about climate change in a way that makes people feel overwhelmed — we often don’t know how to become active agents of change. This assembly seeks to nurture a community where people can ask questions, get creative, and get involved with inspiring projects. It’s about synergy and collaboration.”

The self-described impact entrepreneur  already has an impressive background in the sustainability scene with her work as a brand strategist for many ethical brands, her former project Fair Bazaar, and her work with Indie Campers, among others — and she’s only 28.

The event will be held at Beato’s Gate 67 and will include 10 workshops, documentary and movie screenings, speed networking for sustainability and social impact enthusiasts, an eco shop, a clothing swap, and an art showcase. It all culminates with a party where you may sustain a bit of an organic haze that will last you well into your foreseeable future — the kind of hangover that doesn’t come from guzzling canecas at a web summit afterparty, but the kind that comes from letting sustainable ideas and practices seep into your lifestyle.

With the purchase of a ticket, you’ll help plant one tree in a local reforestation and regeneration project in the area of Coimbra. You’ll support local and artisanal businesses and projects, and you might just get some face time with McNamara. Not enough for you? Your leftover samosa snack can even go on to feed the homeless.

Patricia Imbarus says, “I have met so many incredible people with many amazing and impactful projects that I thought there should be a place where we can all come together and celebrate them with the public.”

We’ll be there to celebrate all of them…will you?

More info:

International guest speakers include: Garrett McNamara (USA), Dianna Cohen (USA), Leyla Acaroglu (AUS), Tony Butt (UK), Lynn Mylou (NE), Christienne de Tournay (USA), Cecilia Palmer (DE).

Portuguese speakers: Ines Sequeira (Casa do Impacto), Ana Milhazes (Lixo Zero), Fernanda Botelho, Marta Brazao (Circular Economy PT), Teresa Carvalheria & Salome Areias (Fashion Revolution), Paula Sobral, Ana Pego (Plasticus Martimus), Catia Curica (Organii) etc.

The Ethical Assembly will be hosting the European movie premiere of The Story of Plastic and an exclusive screening of Artifishal together with Patagonia.

Special guests include: Startup Portugal, Casa do Impacto, Impact Hub, Patagonia, Fashion Revolution, Surfrider Foundation, “Wildlings,” Gone West, and many others.

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