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AFTERPARTY | Brunch Electronik Halloween Afterparty | Cais do Sodré | 5-12€

Few things are more terrifying than your Halloween costume around 8am on November 1st, after a full night of partying.
If you happen to find yourself wandering the streets of Lisbon and scaring the older locals after The Brunch Electronik Halloween Party as the sun returns, head on down to Titanic Sur Mer and watch things get even weirder.
The organizers note that this is “the only Official Brunch Electronik Afterparty,” with “special guests.” In other words, both tricks and treats are likely.

5 € until 11:00 with Brunch Halloween bracelet.
10 € after 11:00 with Brunch Halloween bracelet.
12 € without said bracelet.

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