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A good book usually has a good backstory. Here’s a good backstory courtesy of Wikipedia:
The Third Policeman is a novel by Irish writer Brian O’Nolan, writing under the pseudonym Flann O’Brien. It was written between 1939 and 1940, but after it initially failed to find a publisher, the author withdrew the manuscript from circulation and claimed he had lost it. The book remained unpublished at the time of his death in 1966. It was published by MacGibbon & Kee in 1967.”
51 years later, local writer and Atlas friend Peter D Murphy will be discussing said novel and its author at Bivar Books, and you’re invited to contribute.
From the organizers:
“Would you like to join us?
a) SIGN UP here:
b) Read the book and
c) Get ready for an interesting discussion.

We have some copies of the book for sale at Bivar Bookshop (new books 9€).
Please let us know if you’d like to get the book from us.

“Anybody who has the courage to raise his eyes and look sanely at the awful human condition … must realize finally that tiny periods of temporary release from intolerable suffering is the most that any individual has the right to expect.”
― Flann O’Brien

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