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BRAZILIAN FOOD PARTY | Dona Beija: 1 Year Anniversary | Picoas | TBD

Most people will agree that Brazilian Portuguese is easier for foreigners to digest than, um… well, Portuguese Portuguese.
When it comes to food, however, it depends on who you ask.
Dona Beija, one of not too many Brazillian food joints in town, turns one year old this weekend, and here’s what they say:
“It’s been a year since the dream came true and we inaugurated a little piece of Brazil in Lisbon.
A party day is too little. We want to celebrate a lot, and, to do this, show several sides of Brazil that we love. From music to gastronomy.
But let’s start big! With a spectacular night full of surprises! Here comes a new menu, music, gifts, and an unforgettable night!”
Go help party and try a little piece (or two, or three) of Brazil, all while feeling slightly more confident in your listening comprehension skills.”

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