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CIRCUS SHOW | Cabaré Mond | 7-10€

Humble new weird kid on the block Zirkus Mond Lisboa describes itself simply as “a circus with a tent entirely dedicated to the programming, creation, training, and promotion of the Circus in Lisbon.”

And here’s what they humbly say about Saturday night there*:
“Friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends… we invite you to the next Zirkus Mond Cabaret!”

*The good folks behind Zirkus Mond are more of the “do” and not “say” type, but expect to be amazed. Trust us…

Opening doors: 20h00.
Cabaret: 21h00.


*Entry reserved for members, but you can become a member directly at the door (Membership Card for 2022 is 3€).

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