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CLASSICAL CONCERT | Beethoven | São Bento | FREE

We’re pretty sure that the guy on the left is not Beethoven.
Our guess is that he is Francisco Lima Santos.
But there’s really no way of knowing…

Anyway, this coming Monday, Francisco Lima Santos, who plays the violin, is joined by Pedro Costa on the piano to bring you some good old Ludwig van, at the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, live and free of charge.

The academy partners with Antena 2 radio to make the magic possible; the station will also be live-streaming said magic, if you’re lazy.

Sonata em fá maior p/ piano e violino, Op.24 Sonata Primavera;
Sonata em sol maior p/ piano e violino, Op.30 nº3;
Sonata em lá maior p/ piano e violino, Op.47 Sonata Kreutzer.

The magic commences at 19h.


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