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CLASSICAL CONCERT | Choros e Sonatas: Darius Milhaud and Heitor Villa-Lobos | FREE

Lisbon’s Solistas da Metropolitana present a free concert highlighting the work of Frenchman Darius Milhaud and Brazilian Heitor Villa-Lobos this Friday night. The two met briefly in Rio de Janeiro, roughly 100 years ago, but were always united by a passion for sound. The organizers add:
“We can guess the existence of affinities between the two musicians, in addition to belonging to the same generation. Especially in the 1920s, there was an aesthetic approach between them, when they lived in the same circles as the Parisian avant-garde. Their common traits are a neoclassical style of writing and an appetite for incorporating popular music influences into their compositions.”

D. Milhaud Sonatina for Flute and Piano
H. Villa-Lobos Choros No. 2 for Flute and Clarinet
D. Milhaud Sonata for Two Violins and Piano
H. Villa-Lobos Choros No. 5 for piano, Alma Brasileira
D. Milhaud Suite for Clarinet, Violin and Piano

Janete Santos on flute.
Jorge Camacho on clarinet.
Ágnes Sárosi, Nonna Manicheva on violins.
Francisco Sassetti on piano.


Here’s a taste.

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