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CONCERT | Alessio Vellotti Group | 5€

The Alessio Vellotti Group is Alessio Vellotti on piano, Tiago Cordeiro on saxophone, Augusto Macedo on bass, and Luís Gaspar on drums, and here’s what Camones CineBar, hosts of their Friday night concert, say:
“With this project, the pianist and composer Alessio Vellotti presents his original compositions. The four musicians create varied atmospheres, passing through jazz, funk, Latin music, and blues, with some ethnic and folkloric elements. Improvisation and interaction between the musicians are central features, taking the music to surprising places. Published in 2017, Return Trip is the group’s first record. In March 2022, the single ‘Sparkling Eyes’ was released.
The Alessio Vellotti Group has been developing an intense live activity since.”

ENTRY: 5€.

Here’s a taste.

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