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CONCERT + DJ SETS | Fogo Fogo: 7th Anniversary | 10€

Here’s what local musical legends Fogo Fogo say about this Saturday night:
“The barriers imposed by the current world situation were not easy at all: the lack of warmth, of touch, of dance; the smiles, the laughter, the toasts, and the hugs. Above all, we miss you. The lack of our existence, together, in the same space.

But we have missed more!

With the same strength that we thank you for the essential and indispensable support to be able to continue since the launch of Fladu Fla, we wanted to make it clear that the fire is healthy and more than alive, just waiting, patiently, until we can meet again and celebrate the beauty of this, by all, long-awaited meeting.

We still have the will to shorten the distances, to mix the hopes and movements.

May 2022 open itself to the warmth of song and dance.

May 2022 allow us!”

The program:
19:00: Doors and Ticket Office Opening.
19:30 – 22:30: MAMA DEMBA DJ Set.
22:30 – 00:30: Fogo Fogo Concert.
01:00 – 02:00: MAMA DEMBA DJ Set.

TICKETS*: 10€ (at the door).

*European Union COVID-19 digital certificate of: Test, Recovery or complete vaccination scheme with booster dose.

Here’s a taste.

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