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CONCERT | Filipe Raposo: A Piano Tuned By Fear | Bairro Alto | FREE

The notorious fear fest that is MOTELX is creeping up on Lisbon fast, and among it’s many surprises is a bunch of free stuff, such as pianos tuned by fear.
From the organizers:
“In this very special 13th edition of MOTELX, pianist and composer Filipe Raposo is our guest for the cine-concert held at the Convent of São Pedro de Alcântara, in a night of celebration of fear. In the form of an initiatory ritual, Raposo will summon around his piano ancient litanies that populate our cinematic imagination: ‘Frogs and witches, owls, demons, goblins and dams, spirits, crows, magpies and magicians, spells from healers, moving fire of the rotten left-handed, light of the moving animals, light of the piercing dead, evil eye, black envy, air of death, thunder and lightning, sinful tongue of an evil woman married to an old man. Return Satan to whence you came from.’ The perfect exorcism for an unforgettable night.”

Well, that gave us goosebumps.
Learn more about the festivals many shenanigans here.

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